Jersey: White Female Teacher… Accused of Having Sex with Student!

Lydia Pinto

A white millennial female teacher getting sexual with a teenage student???

Surely you jest!

New York Post:

A New Jersey gym teacher was jailed after a former student detailed their sexual relationship that spanned his high school career.

Former Bridgewater-Raritan High School teacher Lydia Pinto, 38, was charged Nov. 8 with first-degree aggravated sexual assault and two counts of second-degree sexual assault.

She was arrested without incident.

The Somerset County Prosecutors Office launched an investigation into Pinto’s conduct on Oct. 16 after the Bridgewater Police Department received an anonymous email detailing Pinto’s alleged relationship with the student.

The victim, now an adult, was identified and interviewed by detectives with the office’s sex crimes and child abuse unit on Oct. 26, Somerset County Prosecutor John P. McDonald wrote in a November 17 press release.

“The victim reported engaging in a relationship with former teacher, Lydia Pinto,” the release read.

“The victim further reported that the relationship turned sexual when the victim was between the ages of 14 to 15 and continued until the victim’s senior year of high school.”

Okay, so.

I wrote a response to someone on a secret gamer forum explaining why I sort of defend these whores, which I will copy and paste here for the purpose of lengthening this article:

I keep thinking you feel strongly about this, then I think “well, actually probably it’s just that I feel much less strongly than I do about other slut behavior.”

I don’t really think women can control this behavior in this society. You might think they could in a Moslem society where there is serious shame, but I don’t really know if they could control it in a Moslem society if they thought they were going to get away with it. I’ve been around strict Moslem women before and it’s really a matter of whether she’s protecting a hymen or not. If no one is expecting a hymen this bitch is just peeking around corners and shit, still doing the same stuff.

What Moslems do that is correct is keep women out of these situations, because they know these hoes can’t help themselves. So maybe on some level it feels to me like victim blaming.

And it is sluttery, but there is no actual goal for the woman. She is just getting caught up in her feelings. Like, I mean compare this to Nikki Haley or Kamala Harris literally using sex to manipulate the government. One thing is obviously a lot worse than the other, like infinity times worse, but the one that is worse has zero consequences and even when they get caught it’s just like “oh well, it wasn’t her fault.” Meanwhile these bitches who just were at a high school and started thinking they were high schoolers and couldn’t control themselves get nailed to the fucking wall… it just doesn’t seem fair.

Granted, I know I’ve gone hard on very young girls in “grooming gangs,” but firstly, they are actually virgins and therefore much more valuable to society, just throwing themselves away, secondly, they make a choice to get in cars with Pakis, thirdly, shaming them would be a deterrent. There is no deterent here, because the women think they are being sneaky. Obviously, they just keep doing it. So the option is either to keep them out of the schools with teen boys or just accept that this is going to happen.

Finally, I always feel like I need to be on the other side of official policy, and the official policy is to nail these sluts to the wall and literally call them “rapists” and “abusers,” even when the boy is over the age of consent and obviously already having sex. So, I guess you could say “well the state also prosecutes murderers,” but well, not really so much anymore. And that’s also something that they have to do, whereas crucifying teacher sluts is a new thing they started doing. This definitely happened when I was in school 20 years ago, and no one was crucified over it, and it was mostly considered funny. nb4 it’s not funny for the husband, I know that, but if she’s going to be slutting it up, she’s going to be doing that with someone. The only way to prevent women from being whores like this is child/virgin marriage (and again, that’s not 100%), and the only way to prevent whores from being whores is to not allow them in these public situations.

These cases have really exploded over the last 3-5 years. I think the difference is simply that people were being discreet. If it was my son I would first laugh, and then scold him, take away his playstation or whatever, and then call the woman’s husband. At no point would I even think about calling the cops and claiming he’d been raped. That just seems so outrageous to me.

But yeah, I don’t think women should be doing this, and maybe all these cases will lead to people seeing that this whole “co-ed” thing is a problem. I don’t think it will lead to that though, because they will just say these are “bad women.” But again: Moslems don’t put women in these situations, either because all women are “bad” or because there is just no reason to tempt women like this.

I mean, if I was in charge of a bunch of high school girls, I would be tempted. Of course I would be thinking about my wife and kids and about prison, about what others would think of me if I got caught, and would be able to control myself. But women really don’t have that ability, given that they are so driven by emotion, and basically incapable of imagining that anything they do is ever wrong, or at least their bad actions are their fault.

I can agree with firing and maybe I could agree with shaming (but there would have to be a deterrent I think and I don’t see much of that, given that they all think they are going to get away with it), but I think the criminal charges let alone prison time are just too outrageous.