Jew-on-Jew Crime: Zelensky Condemns Israel in Singapore, Says He’ll Make Them Stop

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It was always sort of a confusing thing to have Zelensky supporting Israel, given the anti-Israel narrative among Western leftists.

But I don’t think Zelensky cares about that, or can even follow it. He’s just repeating whatever the Biden administration says.

Although in this case, he is obviously worried that Israel is going to be getting the money and weapons that he wants from the US.


Kiev will work to pressure Israel to end the bloodshed in Gaza, Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky said during his trip to Singapore on Sunday, almost eight months into the Israel-Hamas war.

Speaking at the annual Shangri-La Dialogue security conference, Zelensky reiterated that Israel has the right to defend itself from “Hamas terrorists.” He also raised concerns over the dire humanitarian situation in the Palestinian enclave, besieged by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

“After Israel [entered] the territory of Gaza, there has been a humanitarian crisis,” Zelensky noted, adding that Kiev is ready to help with the delivery of aid to the enclave.

What in fuck?

The Kiev government is on the verge of complete collapse, and they’re pledging humanitarian aid to Palestine?

“International law must be respected,” Zelensky stressed. “Ukraine will recognize two states: Israel and Palestine. And will do everything to make Israel stop, so this conflict could end, and civilians would not be hurt.”

Last year, Zelensky complained that the fighting in Gaza was distracting the world from Kiev’s conflict with Moscow. “We can already see the consequences of the international community shifting [attention] because of the tragedy in the Middle East,” he told the Associated Press after Ukraine’s costly summer counteroffensive failed to win significant territory.

Okay, well.

This shit is all so weird, I’m getting sort of tired of thinking about it.

And you know… I have to write about everything I think about.

Like, for instance, my executive decision to phase out Absolut in favor of Grey Goose. I’m not a wealthy man. But I’m a middle-aged man, and if I want to drink vodka that costs 25% more than my normal vodka, that’s a decision I can make (as a middle-aged man).

After I ordered a delivery of a case of Grey Goose, my wife just tried to play this song for me:

Kicked her out and changed the locks.

We don’t do that “anti-alcoholism” shit in my hotel room.

Then I put on this song:

People are always trying to find me to get my autograph and have conversations about geopolitics women.

I’m actually easy to find.

Just go where the streams of whisky are flowing, and you’ll find me there, passed out on some floor.