Jew Who Ran Biden’s Psycho-Aggressive Agenda Against China Resigning – Will There be a Strategy Change?

Wendy Sherman

You may remember that it was not too terribly long ago that China was considered something of an ally to the United States. We are now ostensibly planning some kind of massive war against them.

How did that change happen?

Well, in 2015, Xi Jinping engaged in a series of government reforms which effectively made him Supreme Leader for life and dashed any hope the US still had that China would magically transform into a liberal democracy (this was the initial plan, going back to the 1970s).

Under the Trump Administration, you had Mike Pompeo, an obese psychopath and alleged cannibal, stirring up trouble with China. You’ll remember that the State Department was organizing massive riots inside of Hong Kong. The leaders of the riots were photographed meeting with US officials at the US embassy.

These terrorist color revolution figures were at one point flown to Washington to meet with Nancy Pelosi.

However, it was not until Joe Biden took power that things started going really psycho.

Trump, for all his faults, was legitimately anti-war. Biden lined his State Department with unhinged Jewish lunatics who want war with the entire world. The man he chose as Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, was actually more known for his promotion of war with China than war with Russia.

But the Russia war was all ready to go, so Biden triggered that one first. And he did trigger it – don’t let this “Putin is the one who invaded” nonsense fool you for a second. This was the equivalent of a guy getting an inch from your face saying he’s going to kill you and then you being called the aggressor for pushing him back. Biden started talking about the Ukraine joining NATO, he shipped in all these new weapons, the Administration emboldened Zelensky to start talking about nukes on Russia’s border. Where Trump had been engaged with Russia’s concerns about the humanitarian situation in the east of the Ukraine, Biden consistently rejected Putin’s attempts to negotiate a peace in the Donbass, instead encouraging neo-Nazi attacks on civilians.

While they started the war with Russia first, they also planned some kind of war with China, and started talking about Taiwan as “the next Ukraine.” The Biden Administration started sending all kinds of warships and warplanes through Chinese territory and aggressively questioning and threatening Chinese territorial claims.

They started going absolutely ape hyping up the Taiwan issue, which had not really been an issue before, with Biden personally suggesting repeatedly, in public, that Taiwan should start a war with China to gain “independence.”

No Western leader had ever said that before, by the way. It’s something you would only say if you were trying to start a war with China. (For those who don’t understand: China liked the status quo with Taiwan as semi-autonomous. The situation was profitable for all parties, and they had no reason to question it. They certainly had no reason to invade Taiwan before these Biden neocons started saying Taiwan should start a war with China.)

They sent Rahm Emanuel to be the Ambassador to Japan, in order to plan a war footing there.

They started negotiations to build all these new bases in the Philippines, they sent Nancy Pelosi on this bizarre trip to Taiwan to try to humiliate and provoke the Chinese (in the way they were humiliating and provoking Russia).

They then staged a totally bizarre hoax, accusing a weather balloon of being a “Chinese spy balloon,” and issued further threats.

Oh, and lest we forget – Biden with the media started ratcheting up braindead nonsense about “human rights abuses” of Islamic terrorists, while providing zero evidence. Mainstream sources started publishing weird CIA disinformation straight from the pages of the Falun Gong (CIA-run cult) publication Epoch Times. In multiple articles published since the Biden election, the Israeli English-language paper Haaretz published the cartoonish claim that China is murdering tens of thousands of people every year to harvest their organs.

Presumably, Haaretz wanted these stories picked up by Western media, but I think even WaPo type publications viewed the stories as too ridiculous for publication. However, if they say it enough times, it will eventually become mainstream. “Torture rape camps for innocent Islamic jihadists” was also at one point considered too goofy for publication, but under the Biden Administration, state-funded NPR publishes sicko fetishist type material about rape dungeons (all based on eye-witness accounts of supposed random, almost entirely anonymous people).

The whole thing has just been a whirlwind of aggression and provocation, without any real explanation. The media has simply not reported on the escalation of aggression, and how it is viewed by China and the rest of the world. If you are in say, Latin America, random people will ask you: “why is the US trying to start a war with China? Aren’t they worried this will cause problems?” But the American people are so dumbed down and dim-witted that they seem to believe that China is the aggressor here. But hey – the America people believe in child trannies. Most Americans are fat, stupid, amoral pigs that will believe anything.

Just as the Jewish hag Victoria Nuland runs the war against Russia at the Jewish Blinken State Department, the Jewish hag Wendy Sherman has been running the war against China. Interestingly, she is being replaced.


US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman is set to retire, the State Department said on Friday. The 73-year-old official was heavily involved in devising Washington’s current strategy toward China and the broader Asia-Pacific, where it seeks to challenge Beijing on several fronts.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken hailed Sherman’s lengthy career as a diplomat in a statement announcing her resignation, saying she has “helped lead our engagement in the Indo-Pacific, the region where the history of the 21st century will be written.”

She has deepened our bonds with our friends around the world, especially with the Republic of Korea, Japan, and the European Union. She has overseen our efforts to strengthen the [State] Department’s capabilities to manage our relationship with the People’s Republic of China, and built greater convergence with allies and partners,” he added.

As Blinken’s deputy, her focus has largely been set on China, often acting as an official spokesperson to explain the US strategy toward the People’s Republic.

In comments to lawmakers earlier this year, Sherman warned that China is “the only competitor with the intent and means to reshape the international order,” accusing Beijing of “provocations in the South China Sea,” human rights abuses, “economic coercion,” and “threatening behavior against Taiwan,” which China considers to be part of its sovereign territory. 

It was ostensibly her idea to keep sailing warships back and forth through the Taiwan straits, and she had some role in planning the weird Pelosi trip.

I’m not hopeful that the aggressive stance towards China is going to change, despite the fact that some people from the State Department are showing signs of wanting to open diplomatic channels back up. It is notable that Jake Sullivan talked with some Chinese officials earlier this week, just before this woman resigned. So it is possible that they are trying to slow things down a bit as the Ukraine situation is getting overly complicated, and the idea of kicking off something more aggressive with China, while continuing the war with Russia – especially given the state of the US economy – must sound crazy to some people in Washington.

This debate can be followed in the think tanks, if you’ve got the patience, but it’s much easier to follow it on the opinion pages of the Washington Post and the New York Times. Just as an example, Jewish columnist Josh Rogin regularly argues that a two-front war with Russia and China would be fun and easy.

It looked to me for a while like the Biden Regime was looking to scale down the Ukraine conflict in order to focus on escalating the conflict with China. However, the basic outline that China hawks have presented for a war with China, based on turning Taiwan into another Ukraine – that is, a spot for a proxy war – does not make any sense, for reasons I’ve outlined in some detail on this website. There are cultural and geographical reasons, which are more or less self-explanatory, as to why Taiwan can’t be the new Ukraine. Obviously, whatever you want to say about the strength of the Chinese navy (which clearly does not compare with that of the US), China has the ability to rapidly surround and blockade Taiwan, so you would have to send in the US Navy to break the blockade by sinking Chinese ships in order to provoke some kind of urban warfare in Taipei. The whole thing is just a tad bit ambitious.

However, with the entire world now turning on the US as a result of their instance on a brutal, endless war in the Ukraine, their ignoring of the disastrous economic consequences, and most importantly, their lunatic sanctions on Russia, the American Regime has left itself with very few options in terms of a strategy to maintain global hegemony. So, the counterpoint to “we can’t possibly fight a two-front war against Russia and China” is “we don’t have any choice.” This is certainly the debate happening in Washington, where everyone agrees that the US should control the entire world, but disagrees as to how this system of control should be maintained.

For all of their talk of Nazi Hitler and grabbing ’em by the pussy, the real problem that the US regime has with Donald Trump is that he views a peaceful “multipolar” world based on trade, rather than violence, as good for the Untied States. And while most of Trump’s promised policies failed to materialize during his term as president, he did manage to end the war in Syria and he did manage to prevent any new wars from starting.

As I always say when I discuss the potential behavior of this government: you can no longer use basic game theory when considering the next move of the US government, because it is no longer run by people capable of acting in rational self-interest. You can no longer look at the world and say “this is all part of their plan.” Clearly, something has gone terribly wrong. The people in Washington have lost control, the empire is on the decline, and the question now is how they will respond to this situation.

With Russia and China aligned, the Islamic world closing ranks around China, and even Latin America making it clear they prefer the Chinese trade-based model of global order to the violence-based model of the US, the idea of starting a major war with the entire world does not seem feasible. Instead, the logical thing to do would be to accept that the post-USSR norms of US hegemony are gone, and a new balance needs to be sought, which allows the US to survive as a peer nation. The fear is that there are people in Washington – and I hate to say this, because I’m certainly not an anti-Semite, but these people are mostly Jewish – who would rather watch the whole world burn than accept an end of US hegemony.