Jewish Academic Claims Study Proves Greeks are Anti-Semitic

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March 26, 2015

Greek holocaust that the Jews seem to have forgotten about.

More anti-Hellenic propaganda has started circulating in the media, this time claiming that Greeks don’t have enough knowledge of the ‘holocaust’, hold anti-Semitic views, and suffer from a sense of ‘competitive victimhood’. The article on Ekathimerini opens with the following:

‘A large number of Greeks have limited awareness of the Holocaust or even hold anti-Semitic views, according to a new survey which traces the roots of attitudes to a strong sense of victimization among the public’.

It’s been said many times within Nationalists circles that if you dig deep enough, you can find the true puppet masters pulling the strings behind the curtains. It is almost boringly predictable that one of the leading contributors of this study turned out to be a Jew by the name of Leon Saltiel, from the University of Macedonia. Saltiel is also extremely well connected in Zionist circles, as he also happens to be the nephew of the president of the Thessaloniki Jewish Community.

Our Polish friends have a proverb that perfectly summarises our latest report – ‘the Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you’. While crying anti-Semitism at the Greeks for not knowing enough about their ‘holocaust’, the Jewish academic has the nerve to describe our people as suffering from a sense of ‘victimhood’.

Perhaps Mr Saltiel doesn’t do irony, so this might be a good chance to remind him that Jewish ‘victimhood’ for the last 70 years been a major focal point for anti-Western propaganda, forced on our communities through the controlled education system, media and entertainment history. The narrative of Jewish victimhood generates millions of dollars through the ‘holocaust’ industry, and even forces Germany to donate free submarines to Israel as they see fit. Given the context, it’s almost laughable that a Jew accuses the Greeks of playing the victim card!

The article goes into further detail of the study, stating that:

‘The same study found that prejudice or hatred against the Jews cuts across the country’s left-right political spectrum, which is similarly attributed to the fact that victimhood, the idea that Greeks have suffered without full responsibility for their misfortune, is a universal trait of the country’s political culture’.

It’s important for our readers to highlight the comment about Greeks suffering without taking ‘responsibility for their misfortune’. Mr Saltiel may have a Masters in Science, but he most certainly would of failed history, as it is a well-known fact that the ‘holocaust’ narrative is described by Jewish historians (such as Yehuda Bauer), as an unprovoked event fuelled by nothing more than anti-Semitic ‘myths’ and ‘hallucinations’.

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In the eyes of Jews like Saltiel, Bauer, and all other Jewish historians, the 109 countries, cities and towns that have expelled Jews since 250AD are the ones to blame, while the Jews have never done anything wrong to the communities they’ve occupied during their entire history as a people. From the court Jews and their international usury, to the Jewish-Bolshevik Commissar killers, the Jews cry anti-Semitism, while ignoring their blood stained hands in the wheat fields of Ukraine, to the burning rubbles of Palestine. The message is clear- Jews are never to blame for anything, but Greeks need to take responsibility for their current plight.

Furthermore, the survey revealed the following when comparing historical Jewish & Greek massacres:

‘Asked what the word “Holocaust” brought to mind and presented with a choice of Auschwitz, Distomo, Zalongo/Arkadi and “None of the above,” less than half of respondents opted for Auschwitz. An almost equal percentage chose either the 1944 Nazi massacre at Distomo or the mass suicide of Souli women at Zalongo in 1803 and the 1866 Ottoman raid at Arkadi. All alternatives to Auschwitz are related to Greek history. Almost 15 percent of respondents found no association between the Holocaust and any of the available options’.

It appears the Zionist intellectuals behind the survey have some sort of issue with Greeks identifying with their very own historical tragedies. It is presented as a politically incorrect problem that Greeks are aware of their own massacres at the same rate as the Jewish ‘holocaust’.  Perhaps Jews like Saltiel would feel more comfortable if your average Hellene was unaware of their historical Greek holocausts (which the terrorist state of Israel refuses to recognise) but has a copy of Schindler’s List by their bed side draw, replacing their bible.

Even more alarming is the extreme Jewish ethno-centrism, which has hijacked  the term ‘holocaust’ for their own Zionist propaganda. The term holocaust is of GREEK origin, which translates to ‘wholly burnt’, and was meant to describe the act of mass execution and destruction of any people. The millions of Christian Europeans murdered by the Soviets, to the hundreds of thousands of Greeks, Armenians and Assyrians slaughtered by Ottoman butchers, all people around the world must abandon their historical massacres and identify the ‘holocaust’ as a purely Jewish suffering. There is no need to talk of a Jewish Holocaust, or a Greek holocaust, or an Armenian holocaust, as the only true holocaust belongs to the Jews and their Hollywood propaganda machine.

Again on the holocaust, the article claims that:

‘Less than 33 percent of respondents selected the correct answer when asked about the number of Jews estimated to have perished during World War II – 6 million’.

We would like to ask the Zionists academics who organised this study if they distributed a similar survey to Israelis, asking your average Jew how many Greeks where massacred in the Pontian holocaust.

‘Whereas more than 90 percent of respondents said that subjects such as the 1922 Asia Minor disaster, the 1946-49 Greek Civil War, and the Pontic genocide should be taught at school, less than 60 percent said that Holocaust teaching should be included in the curriculum’.

In the event that most Jews are unaware of the Greek holocaust, we see no reason to indoctrinate their education or entertainment system with the details of our suffering. While the Greek state passed a bill last year banning denial of the Jewish holocaust, no such actions have been taken Israel to punish deniers of the Greek holocaust, let alone to even recognise the massacre of our people in their historical homeland of Asia Minor.

In conclusion, this is nothing more than another cheap hit piece designed to further demonise Greeks, but has only proven to highlight the hypocrisy of the Zionist propaganda machine.

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