Dysgenic Goyim Terrorize Jews with Swastika Flags Outside Georgia Synagogues

As Andrew Anglin predicted back in 2017 when he denounced the Alt-Right’s descent into stupid neo-Nazi FBI tropes, the neo-Nazis have been rolled back out in a time of great change for the purpose of silencing other people.

People have been showing up with swastika flags at tranny story time for several weeks now, which is a way for the trannies to portray their opposition as unhinged, anti-social freaks.

Now, the Jews are getting in on that sweet, sweet “actual fat people with literal swastika flags are against me” energy.

New York Post:

A group of Neo-Nazi’s brandished swastika flags and other antisemitic propaganda outside multiple Georgia synagogues over the weekend.

Several members of the hate group Goyim Defense League were pictured outside Chabad Lubavitch of Cobb County in the Atlanta suburb of Marietta Saturday.

The disturbing protest was led by the group’s leader Jon Minadeo II — a day after he was charged with disorderly conduct and public disturbance in front of Temple Beth Israel in Macon, WMAZ-TV reported.

This was the most frightening thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life,” Chabad of Cobb member Stewart Levy told WSB-TV.

I am shocked, absolutely shocked to see this here. When I see the amount of ignorance out there and some of the truths that they are promoting, it is just frightening the level of inaccurate knowledge that there is.”

Minadeo was arrested the day earlier in Macon after he continued shouting obscenities through a bullhorn even though authorities has asked him to stop, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

He was released from the Bibb County jail Saturday and apparently headed straight to Cobb, the newspaper said.

The displays of hate in Macon had prompted hundreds of people to gather at Temple Beth Israel Saturday to show their solidarity with the Jewish community, far outnumbering the ten or so people behind the hateful demonstration, according to The Telegraph.

“I knew it wasn’t people in Macon-Bibb, because the Christians, Jews and various other religions have had an extremely peaceful coexistence in this town forever,” said Mike Kaplan, whose family has attended the house of worship for five generations.

“This congregation was established in 1859, and we’ve never had this happen. We’re more grateful for the response than we are saddened by the actions of these few people who came from out of town and brought hate to Macon,” added Kaplan, who is also the chair of the county election board.


Try to think of any other way you could organize a community in support of local Jews for under $200.

Sending out these weirdos is always a way for Jews to smear the opposition. A big part of it is making opposition to the Jews and their agenda look very unfashionable to the youth. It also helps consolidate freaks to be used for other purposes.

Every neo-Nazi group is run by the FBI.

No one who is actually against the Jews is this dumb. If they were this dumb, they would not be able to organize a group of people. There is no ground between “dumb enough to think this is a good idea” and “smart enough to get ten people to stand around on the street and ruin their lives to help the Jews push their agenda.”

You can’t stop the feds from doing this.

Editor’s Note:

Like, if you’re not a fed, and you’re doing something a rabbi would pay you to do, there is a real serious problem. I would hope this is an obvious thing. Any single rabbi on the entire earth would give you at least $50 to organize ten guys outside his synagogue with swastika flags.