Jewnited Nations Calls Any Attempt to Stop Ebola Racist

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 23, 2014

"Betches be oll lyk, lain on da groun n sheet, cuz dem muffeggehs be deed.  Ah aine eben noe." -Africans on the Ebola crisis
“Betches be oll lyk, lain on da groun n sheet, cuz dem muffeggehs be deed. Ah aine eben noe.” -Africans on the Ebola crisis

The United Nations Security Council has come out and attacked Australia and other countries who have attempted to stop Ebola from entering their country by disallowing entry from West Africa as engaging in “acts of discrimination.”

"You need these African diseases, goyim.  Without them, you cannot survive." -Jewinited Nations
“You need these African diseases, goyim. Without them, you cannot survive.” -Jewinited Nations

ABC News:

Last month, Immigration Minister Scott Morrison announced that Australia had closed its doors to people from the region because of concerns about the deadly virus.

The UN Security Council, which is currently chaired by Australia, said it recognised the need for “appropriate screening measures” to stop the spread of Ebola.

But it urged all countries to maintain “trade and transport” links to West Africa.

“The Security Council expresses its continued concern about the detrimental effect of the isolation of the affected countries as a result of trade and travel restrictions imposed on and to the affected countries,” the council said in a statement read out by Australia’s Foreign Minister Julie Bishop.

It also expressed concern at “acts of discrimination against the nationals of Guinea, Liberia, Mali and Sierra Leone”.

The Australian Government said its focus was on stopping the virus from spreading to its shores, through tighter health checks at airports and stronger border controls.

“These measures include temporarily suspending our immigration program, including our humanitarian program,” Mr Morrison told Parliament in October.

“This means we are not processing any application from these affected countries.”

The temporary ban remains in place.

Labor’s foreign affairs spokeswoman Tanya Plibersek accused the Government of hypocrisy following Ms Bishop’s address.

“Isn’t it extraordinary to see our foreign minister at the Security Council lecturing the world about Ebola, when Australia has been so slow to act [and] dragged kicking and screaming to doing anything.”

The World Health Organisation estimates the death toll from the virus in West Africa is nearing 5,500 people.

The elephant in the room is the still looming question: why would anyone ever want Africans, diseased or not, in their country? The second looming question: why would anyone believe that a plague set to reduce the population of Africa is anything other than fantastically glorious?

God or nature – take your pick – has sent the Dark Goddess Ebola-Chan to fix the population problem in Africa, and we need to simply let her be, let her do her sacred works of justice.

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