Jews Begin Talking About Leaving France as Tolerance for Their Behavior Wanes

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It was a very strange decision that Jews made to associate the diaspora so closely with the state of Israel. But that’s what they did.

Now, every Jew in France or any other country is in a position where they are de facto supporters of everything the state of Israel does, including the mass murder of children.

And people are mad.

The Guardian:

Many Jewish people are “questioning [their] future in France”, a community leader has said, after a 12-year-old girl was allegedly raped in a suspected antisemitic attack and fears deepen about the rise of extremism before a parliamentary election this month.

“The climate is very, very difficult for Jews,” Yonathan Arfi, the president of the Representative Council of French Jewish Institutions (Crif), said on Thursday. “People are very, very worried about the future,” he said. “People are, I would say, questioning the future in France.”

On Tuesday evening, two 13-year-old boys were charged with the rape of a 12-year-old Jewish girl in a Paris suburb. They were also charged with issuing death threats as well as antisemitic insults and violence.

The suspects beat the girl and forced her to have sex “while uttering death threats and antisemitic remarks”, one police source told Agence France-Presse.

I’m not really sure we’re getting the full story there, but hey – if the current story makes Jews want to flee France, then let’s just leave it be.

The case has shocked France, drawing condemnation from across the political spectrum as the country prepares for a high-stakes parliamentary election.

Words have effects, ideas have consequences,” wrote the French prime minister, Gabriel Attal. “The fight against antisemitism must be that of all republicans,” he said.

Raphaël Glucksmann, who led a French socialist list in the European parliamentary elections, warned in a social media post on Thursday that “any attempt to minimise the explosion of antisemitism is dangerous”.

Antisemitic incidents have spiked in France. A Crif report published in January said there had been 1,676 antisemitic acts in 2023, compared with 436 the previous year, with a big increase after the Hamas attacks of 7 October and Israel’s subsequent assault on Gaza.

There’s a big problem with these numbers of “antisemitic attacks” because, as we’ve broken down many times on this website, these organizations will include stuff like “I saw a mean tweet on the internet” in their numbers of “attacks.”

That said, I don’t doubt that Arabs in France are just attacking Jews. Arabs in France are sort of hardcore.