Watch: Cybertruck Malfunctions Hours After Purchase, Crashes Into Neighbor’s Home

Why did Elon build this meme car? That’s really the first question. Why would you build a goofy meme car and then try to sell it, while your competitors are building normal luxury vehicles that normal people actually want?

The next question is: why doesn’t this car work? How is it such a disaster? If you’re going to do anything – not just build an automobile, but do anything in life – why would you do such a poor job at doing the thing?

Then I suppose the next question is, if you are going to do something so dumb and so poorly, why would you not feel shame, and make a public apology?

New York Post:

A new Cybertruck owner’s dreams were crushed in a matter of minutes when the car he waited years to buy crashed into his neighbor’s home.

The disappointed customer shared his tale on social media, claiming he only had the Tesla truck for four hours when its back wheels locked — a known issue that led the company to recall thousands of trucks back in April.

Surveillance video shows the excited driver slowly rolling out of his driveway, but the 6,800-pound truck dramatically picks up speed as it makes its way downhill.

The squelching sound of the speeding car trying to make a turn can be heard as it barrels toward the neighboring home, but the efforts proved fruitless — the vehicle smashed into the back stairs of the house and the neighbor’s car.

The Cybertruck careened roughly 800 feet, the driver said, leaving a 50-foot trail of skid marks in its wake.

While the driver walked away unscathed, the brand-new truck suffered plenty of damage. Pictures show a cracked windshield, a crushed hood and a banged-up bumper.

The driver diagnosed the issue on locked back brakes, saying that their attempts at steering the heavy vehicle away from the neighbor’s home were futile.

If I were the neighbors, I would recognize that it was not the owner’s fault the truck malfunctioned, but I would be outraged that the individual was so retarded as to have bought this meme car in the first place.

Can you imagine driving around in a $100,000 car, while everyone is laughing at you, thinking you’re a retard?

That’s the best case scenario, where the truck actually works: everyone is laughing at you.