Jews Howl as Portuguese Move to Shut Down Their Citizenship Scam

As reported previously by the world’s most trusted news source, the Daily Stormer, Jews have turned the Portuguese “Law of Return” into what has the potential to be their biggest scam since the Holocaust.

In summary, Jews say millions of Israelis are entitled to Portuguese (and therefore European Union) citizenship based on their supposed expulsion from Portugal centuries ago. This, despite the fact that almost no Jews were actually expelled from Portugal. The expulsion of the Jews took place in Spain. What was originally proposed to be an expulsion from Portugal later became a forced conversion. Only at most a couple of dozen Jews were actually forced out. Yet the “victims” of the “Portuguese expulsion” seem to have gone through the same magical numbers inflation process as “Holocaust” victims. It’s a bit like the vig on a loan from a Jewish shylock, compounded over the centuries. 27 victims in 1497 become “millions” today.

Jewish Chronicle:

Portugal’s ruling Socialist Party has proposed stopping the granting of citizenship to descendants of Sephardic Jews and has accused the Jewish community of transforming the citizenship application process “into a business” involving lawyers and genealogists.

The Jewish communities of Lisbon and Porto, which vet all applications, have condemned the proposed changes and rejected the accusation. “Applicants for Portuguese citizenship need the support of lawyers to help them through the process and unsurprisingly a number of companies in Israel provide this service. The Socialist MP Ms Constança Urbano de Sousa refers to ‘aggressive  advertising’, which does sometimes occur but is the exception rather than the rule,” Michael Rothwell, a board member of the Jewish community of Porto, told the JC.

“We constantly monitor this situation and suspend our services to companies that offend in this regard.”

On Monday, the Socialist Party submitted a draft amendment to a 2013 law, which grants passports to those who can prove that they are descended from Jews who were expelled from the Iberian Peninsula during the Inquisition in the 15th century.

The amendment proposes to limit naturalisation to those who have stayed legally in Portugal for at least two years. The change limits the ability of non-EU applicants to benefit from the law.

“There has been a rise in applications by children and spouses, especially of Israelis and Turks, who had already obtained Portuguese citizenship with nearly all of them neither living in Portugal nor having any ties to it,” the draft reads.

“The law has been a great success. It has brought Portugal together with the Sephardic world. So requiring that applicants must now have two years of residency is effectively killing the law,” said Rothwell.

In order to apply for citizenship, applicants need to provide family trees, wedding contracts (ketubot), notarised documents, photos of gravestones or old travel documents, all of which must be translated into Portuguese.

About 50,000 have applied so far with 10,000 applications approved.

You have to marvel at how much deception the Jews can pack into a single sentence. Consider “a 2013 law, which grants passports to those who can prove that they are descended from Jews who were expelled from the Iberian Peninsula during the Inquisition in the 15th century.”

  1. The Portuguese law refers specifically to Portugal and not the “Iberian peninsula”. This is a key part of the Jew scam. They are trying to conflate what happened to them in Spain with what happened to them in Portugal. This is because the “Law of Return” in Portugal grants citizenship on much more lenient terms than the equivalent law in Spain.
  2. The Inquisition had no power over Jews, only Christians.
  3. The Inquisition did not order Jews to be expelled from Spain or Portugal. Expulsion decrees came from the monarch, not the Inquisition.

The Inquisition seems to loom in the Jewish imagination as a sort of medieval Hitler-equivalent: the time when they were rumbled, when the goy saw them for what they are, and reacted accordingly.

The Jews will fight hard to keep their scam going. It has been a rich source of revenue for them. Jew organizations in Portugal charge a fee for certifying the applications of Jewish scammers. They now have so much cash they can afford to finance fifth-rate propaganda movies with lavish production values. Witness “Sefarad,” a film about “Artur Carlos de Barros Basto, an army captain who in the 1920s helped promote Jewish life in Porto and was subsequently falsely accused of sexual crimes and dismissed from the military.” The Jews are now trying to big him up as a kind of Portuguese Dreyfus.

Even though there are only a few thousand Jews in Portugal, they can afford to finance a $1.2 million movie. Where does the money come from?

Times of Israel:

A former leading member of the community told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency on condition of anonymity that the film’s budget came from revenues earned by vetting the applications of hundreds of people claiming to be descendants of Sephardic Jews.

The Jews have now set their machinery in motion to “quash” this attempt to bring their citizenship scam to an end.

“I don’t believe that this amendment represents the general feeling of the Socialist Party but we can’t be relaxed until it’s actually quashed.”

Prominent government figures, including the former party leader, Maria Belem, are preparing a written objection to the proposal.

If approved, the change would come into force in January 2022.

Expect all their dark arts to be deployed to shut down this would-be goy rebellion.