Jews Now Bombing Refugee Camps in the West Bank as They Decide to Just Kill Everyone

You know who presents the greatest danger to Jews?

No, friend, it’s not Hitler.

It’s starving Palestinian children… in the West Bank?


A Palestinian militant was killed and eight other people wounded on Friday in an Israeli air strike on the Jenin refugee camp in the occupied West Bank, the Palestinian health ministry and Israeli military said.

The armed wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) group named the killed man as member Islam Khamayseh.

The Palestinian health ministry said the eight wounded people were in stable condition and receiving treatment at hospitals. Reuters could not immediately confirm their identities.

The Israeli military said a fighter jet and helicopter conducted the strike, a rarity in the West Bank, where violence had been surging long before the Gaza war.


To be clear, the West Bank is not Gaza. It’s a totally separate place. And there are definitely no Gaza refugees in the West Bank. They cannot get there.

This is what we’ve said: the Jews are just taking the opportunity of… whatever this thing is that they are doing… to settle all their scores and just slaughter whoever.

I understand that it is very alien to look at these scenes from Palestine. But you all need to remember: the Jews view you exactly as they view the Palestinians. Actually, they hate you even more, because you’re a Christian, and every rabbinical authority says that Christians are lower than Moslems.

They would kill you like they are killing Palestinians if they could.