Jim Watkins Says 8chan Coming Back Soon!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 8, 2019

Despite the virulent hatred of Hotwheels, who is totally and completely out of shape (gross dude, hit the gym, crippled little smack-talking bitch), Jim “Gentleman Jim” Watkins says that 8chan is on its way back to the top.

He also went in to speak to the Congress.

They think he’s a foreign agent from Russia. Because these niggers are stupid.

He told the internet all about it.

Anyway – he’s building his own Cloudflare, he says. Or he already did. He says 8chan should be back up in a couple of short days!

Speaking of people on their way back to the top – Jack Posobiec looks great on this show! One America News! Great! Back to the top of the pops!

I hope 8chan gets back up soon.

Legitimately, I hope it is so.

The internet is so boring with all of this stuff getting banned. There are no funny memes because everyone is banned from Twitter, there are no hot takes because 8chan is completely banned from life.

Please, come back friends.