JK Rowling Comes Out and Claims Biological Sex is Real, Tranny Mob Descends Upon Her

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
December 20, 2019

JK Rowling has decided to come out of internet exile and has picked a fight with the powerful Twitter tranny army.

She tweeted in support of Maya Forester, a British woman who was recently fired from her job at a think tank for saying it is impossible to change biological sex.

This is going to be the end of JK. She is simply not going to win this one. She has foolishly put her weight behind the wrong faction here. Male-to-female trannies are higher on the oppression hierarchy pyramid than actual women and they bring a lot more firepower to the fight.

These are going to be the game-changing factors:

  1. They’re men, so they’re just naturally smarter than the women they’re up against because their brains are bigger.
  2. The women they’re up against are all AWFLs – the stupidest and most coddled creatures in existence.
  3. The Jews have thrown their weight behind trannies.
  4. Trannies are legit insane and are willing to go full crazy on these stupid bitches who don’t even understand what they’ve gotten themselves into.

This is worse than when JK decided to promote the Daily Stormer style guide as writing advice.

It’s going to be a rout.

The Guardian:

Having not tweeted since November, JK Rowling broke her Twitter silence to speak out in support of a researcher who lost an employment tribunal case for using “offensive and exclusionary” language on Twitter.

Rowling tweeted about Maya Forstater, who lost her job at an international thinktank after a series of tweets, including one in which she said: “Men cannot change into women.”

Rowling, who has 14.6 million followers, said in the tweet: “Dress however you please (…) But force women out of their jobs for stating that sex is real?” She referenced the case using the hashtag #IStandWithMaya.

Ah, it feels good to see the shoe on the other foot.

Wahmen were content to let the Freak Coalition attack women and made a big deal of showing solidarity with the sickly against their male patriarch oppressors. Now they’re going to have to deal with mentally ill men in wigs pissing all over their toilet seats and taking big steaming dumps in the bathroom sinks. They will cry out for us to save them.

We will whisper back, “deal with with it, bigot.”

Forstater lost her job as a visiting fellow at the Centre for Global Development, an anti-poverty thinktank that has offices in London and Washington.

She was accused at the employment tribunal of having retweeted transphobic material, including a newspaper cartoon of a person flashing two women at a London swimming pond, with the caption “It’s alright – it’s a woman’s penis”.

Court documents show that she had previously tweeted that “it is unfair and unsafe for trans women to compete in women’s sport”.

What a hilarious sentence. They’re keeping track of these “crimes” in the courts over there on Nightmare Island.

She was also accused of gendering a non-binary person, Gregor Murray. Forstater responded: “I had simply forgotten that this man demands to be referred to by the plural pronouns ‘they’ and ‘them’… In reality Murray is a man … Women and children in particular should not be forced to lie or obfuscate about someone’s sex.”

Murray is Scotland’s only openly trans elected representative, and was previously suspended after using abusive language towards a woman in their constituency, and also calling her a “terf” (trans-exclusionary radical feminist). Murray apologised but said “terf” should not be considered an offensive word.

They’re all nutters over there, oi tells ya!

Question: how can you have a system where a tranny gets in trouble for calling a feminist out for not going along with his delusions, but a feminist gets in trouble for not using his fever dream pronouns?

Isn’t that just bonkers?

Bonkers the Gulag Guard!

Like, is everyone just going to be in trouble all the time now? Ingenious. 

The way they’re setting things up now, anyone can be fired or eventually killed on the slightest of whims and no one will be able to utter a word in protest. Even the clever and politically correct ones aren’t safe. You’re always offending some mentally ill freak somewhere, somehow whose going to hone in on you like a laser.

Boy, the Jew commissars behind all of this social engineering are going to have a field day when they open up the killing fields.

James Tayler, the ruling judge, concluded that Forstater did not have the right to ignore or deny the legal rights of trans people and said her tweets were “incompatible with human dignity and fundamental rights of others”.

Judge Tayler said Forstater had not acknowledged the “enormous pain that can be caused by misgendering a person”. If she had won the case, Tayler said, it would have set a precedent that would prevent employers from dismissing staff expressing similar views about LGBTQ+ rights.

Forstater tweeted after the ruling to say she was shocked. She wrote: “Judgement received. Bad news (for now) Stonewall law won this round. Here is my statement in thread form. I struggle to express the shock and disbelief I feel at reading this judgment.”

JK Rowling is going to be one of the first victims because she’s already made her views on the issue clear as day.

Rowling had previously been criticised for liking a tweet that referred to trans women as “men in dresses”. Rowling’s representative later blamed a “middle-age moment” for the like, and said it stemmed from the author mishandling her phone.

Yeah, the Millennial Tranny Troika courts overseeing your sentencing aren’t going to be sympathetic when you try to blame your past TERF deviancy from the party line on being a clueless Boomer.

In the tranny’s defense, Rowling really had it coming.