Joe Rogan Throws Support Behind Jewish Terror Machine

Disappointing. Not surprising.

Zero Hedge:

During a podcast with Tulsi Gabbard, Joe Rogan addressed agitators on University campuses throughout the US, charging that they have been “indoctrinated” into a “cult.”

“If I was going to try to destroy the country, that’s how I would do it,” Rogan noted, explaining “I would radicalize the kids, give them the stupidest ideas, and run them in their head.”

“Boys can be girls. Girls can be boys. Boys can compete against girls in sports if they think they are a girl. ‘Queers for Palestine.’ Death to the Jews. Yell it out, unironically on campuses,” the host continued.

“I think we are sending our kids to cult camps,” Rogan asserted, adding “some of them get locked in and then it becomes their identity. It’s dangerous.”

He continued, “they live in a bubble and don’t interact with the real world,” adding “they want to rebel. And when they finally get to go away somewhere and be on their own, and their dad’s a banker, they say capitalism is B.S. And then you’re wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt and you’re using ChatGPT to do your homework.”

Rogan added that most of them are desperately “trying to be profound,” while having no real life experience.

“You’re not the best and the brightest,” he continued, urging “you guys are doing nonsense. You go to cult camp. You’re indoctrinating people.”

Talking about trannies and then saying “these trannies are trying to kill the Jews” is retarded.

No one likes college students. Obviously. But that doesn’t have anything to do with Palestine.