Marco Rubio, Tom Cotton, Other Gays Send ICC Threatening Letter Regarding Potential Warrant for Jews

Imagine that this man is making the rules for America. How is that allowed?

This whole theoretical International Criminal Court (ICC) arrest warrant for Bibi Netanyahu and other top Jews appears to be a fake news story. There is still no evidence that the ICC was ever moving to do this. There were rumors, and then Bibi decided to record a video message in English whining about it.

Whenever he does a message in English, he is ordering American politicians to do his bidding.

While the ICC warrant was likely fake, the response is very real, and it is psycho.

This letter to the court was written by Tom Cotton, and signed by Senators Mitch McConnell, Rick Scott, Tim Scott, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio, among others. The letter is dated April 26, but only became public yesterday when it was reported on by the Times of Israel.

The lunatic tone of the threats is notable: “We will target you,” “[we will] sanction your employees and associates, and bar you and your families from the United States,” “you have been warned.”

Where do Senators get the legal right to make these kinds of threats? Isn’t this sort of thing the exclusive purview of the executive branch?

It’s also highly bizarre that they refer to the “genocidal” Xi Jinping. This is apparently a reference to the confusing claim that China is “genociding” Uyghur Moslems. Israel is actually, openly, publicly committing a genocide, and saying as much publicly, but they reference a secret underground genocide against terrorists in Jinjiang, for which no evidence exists. (If I was a Jew-lover, I would be claiming right now that “genocide” is not a valid concept, and is used to refer to wars people don’t like.)

More interesting than the threats though is the claim that a threat to Israel’s sovereignty is a threat to American sovereignty. That is effectively a claim that Israel is a part of the United States, or that the United States is a part of Israel. “Sovereignty” means the ability to exist as an independent nation, so they are saying the very existence of the United States is predicated on the existence of Israel. This is an outrageous claim.

This language would not be used for any other country. People would laugh. Not even in discussing NATO would the US claim a threat to it is a threat to US sovereignty. Instead, they would talk about “security.”

If the sovereignty of Israel is a prerequisite for the existence of the United States, then the sovereignty of Israel is a cause worth devoting every resource of the United States to protecting.

What is more outrageous than the claim itself, however, is that this claim is going unchallenged. The Democrats certainly will not challenge it. Nor will anyone in the conservative media. We are required to simply accept that the United States is bound to Israel by sacred oath, and therefore we will do whatever they want us to do, forever.

We are supposed to believe that no one in the country has a problem with this. We’ve all consented to give our very lives to Israel.