Judea Declares War on Tucker Carlson

After passing the Ukraine aid bill this week, arch warmonger Mitch McConnell, a man with a 6% approval rating whose entire existence surrounds servicing the Jews, claimed that the entire reason it took so long to get the bill passed was because Tucker Carlson disagreed with it.

He was asked why it took so long, and he replied: “I think you know the answer … Tucker Carlson.”

This amounts to the largest praise Tucker Carlson could possibly receive. It is career-defining praise. It is truly incredible that a talk news host could singlehandedly stop a major bill like this from being passed. To be clear, I think McConnell is probably right: most, if not all, opposition to the funding of the Ukraine war came from Tucker. It was truly bizarre to turn on Fox News and watch Tucker give all the facts and then have Sean Hannity come on and say that the CIA should assassinate Putin.

Apparently, now that Tucker is off of Fox News, he is no longer a problem for McConnell and his warmongers. This certainly makes it clear why he was fired (if that somehow was not already clear). With his Internet show, Tucker has many more views now than he ever got on Fox News, but the boomers probably are not watching him. We forget that there are people in this country who do not use the internet for anything other than Facebook, and actually still turn on a TV to watch the news.

Mitch McConnell is a servant of Jews, and this very bizarre public attack on Tucker comes after a blitzkrieg of attacks from the Jews.

First, Let Me Say: My Views on Tucker Have Changed

In the past, I’ve taken issue with Tucker Carlson, and asserted that he must be some kind of CIA shill. However, I no longer believe that. Now, he is defending Russia and calling out the sickening Jews, and I support him implicitly.

In the past, around the end of his tenure on Fox and shortly after, Tucker began promoting various things that were wrong, and it seemed impossible to me that he was unaware that he was promoting lies. Notably, he promoted the “Chinese Spy Balloon” hoax. That one was particularly egregious, because it was so very ridiculous. He parroted the Biden government’s line about this wayward weather balloon, apparently unaware that satellites exist. (China has hundreds of satellites that can record everything happening in America from space, so the idea that they would send a balloon to spy is nonsensical.)

Further, when he was fired from Fox News, he started doing a bunch of podcasts, and I thought a lot of the things he said were retarded and malicious. For example, he not only promoted UFOs, but claimed that the angels of the Bible were actually aliens. Or, so I thought. Now, he seems to have changed his position on the matter (or maybe I just didn’t understand what the hell he was talking about last time). Listening to his recent interview with Joe Rogan, he said the reverse of what I thought he said, saying that UFOs are actually angels (or maybe demons, or something). That’s fair enough, I guess, if you want to believe that. It’s stupid, but it’s not blasphemy.

After having followed him over the last few months, I’ve come to the conclusion that he is just not very smart. He often sounds like a teenage girl when he is speaking without a script. A huge portion of what he says sounds simply dumb. This is shocking to me personally, as I don’t expect successful people to be stupid. It seems to me that it is very simple to understand that China is not acting aggressively towards the US, it’s very simple to understand that all of the information about supposed “UFOs” comes from the US government and former government employees (and that the US government is therefore actively promoting a belief in UFOs for nefarious purposes). But, I must accept, some people simply do not have the intelligence to work through basic information, and will instead come up with retarded ideas.

Recently, I’ve been reading through the bibliography of John Mearsheimer. He has a rather sophisticated explanation for being against China. I don’t agree with it, and I wish I could debate either him or Tucker on the issue. Of course, I’m totally locked out of the public conversation. (Allegedly, it’s because I made edgy jokes and if you make edgy jokes you’re banned from the public conversation forever. It seems more likely that I was shut out because powerful people don’t want the public to hear what I have to say.) Anyway, I was always saying that Tucker should talk to Colonel MacGregor about China to get the real story, but it’s more likely he’s listening to Mearsheimer, who claims that we can somehow convince Russia to help us undermine China before they become a peer competitor with the United States. Mearsheimer, however, does not talk about domestic politics at all, so he doesn’t need to explain why you would defend the United States, a country with child trannies, against any country that does not have child trannies.

I do not think Mearsheimer would have believed in the spy balloon. But general Sinophobia is possibly something that an honest person can harbor. The promotion of UFOs seems more sinister than that, but again, after the Rogan interview, I find this less offensive. Also in the Rogan interview, you can see that Tucker is dumb. A person who is dumb cannot be held to the same standards as an intelligent person.

The Rogan interview is interesting, however. I agreed with a lot of what Tucker said about various things. And I think you can see that he’s genuine. (Just slow.) Along with being slow, he appears to have very limited access to information. The New York Times reported that he was reading this website, then it turned out it was just the writers. Though he obviously used a lot of my material on his show, I don’t think he is familiar with all of my arguments on potentially controversial topics such as China.

Ultimately, regardless of any other details, Tucker Carlson gave a impartial interview to Vladimir Putin, which proves he’s not a shill. It was really gay when he told Putin to release that Jew spy, who should be executed or worse, but overall, the interview was very good, and was the first time a lot of Americans were able to see that Putin is not some kind of power-mad lunatic, and is in fact a really cool guy.

Now, Tucker has taken things a step further, and has questioned the Jews. He did several segments about the US relationship to Israel, stating obvious, uncontroversial facts such as “Israel provides no advantage of the United States.”

But the Jews really began to go ape when he interviewed a Palestinian priest to talk about how the Jews are killing Christians.

Judea Declares War

The interview with Pastor Munther Isaac, which he published on Twitter on April 9th, caused the floodgates to open. Judea declared war on Tucker Carlson. Throughout the Jewish media, there are now constant attacks on him by “conservative” outlets which are, invariably, Jewish.

The fat Jewish-Zionist slut Bari Weiss owns an outlet called “The Free Press.” I was unfamiliar with the publication, but it is apparently successful, as it is capable of funding her ice cream habit, which likely costs hundreds of dollars per day.

Shortly after Carlson interviewed the priest, the tub of kosher love Weiss published an article by fat Jew Eli Lake attacking Tucker.

Lake does a lot of nitpicking, claiming that Tucker is doing interviews that Fox News would have banned which involve “conspiracy theories.” Then he gets to his real issue:

But what was most appalling was Tucker’s descent into moral relativism, his muddying of the line between good and evil. For Tucker, America is not exceptional; it is no better than its enemies. And this is particularly corrosive, because he is persuading a large segment of the American right to abandon its rightful contempt for foreign tyrants, terrorists, and cranks.

First came Moscow. He told us he was dazzled by the city’s gleaming subways and orderly fast-food restaurants. Then he interviewed Russian despot and world-champion liar Vladimir Putin, allowing him to deliver a slanted history of his country’s dominion over western Ukraine. Never once did Tucker ask him about Alexei Navalny, the opposition leader who died ten days after the interview in one of Putin’s Arctic dungeons.

(Tucker’s fawning chat with the Russian tyrant stood in sharp contrast to his coverage of Ukraine’s elected leader, Volodymyr Zelensky. In one of his first shows on X, Tucker called Zelensky “sweaty and rat-like, a comedian turned oligarch, a persecutor of Christians.”)

Tucker has even adopted some of the same progressive talking points he once used to ridicule. For example, in February, Tucker said he despised former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley because of her hawkish foreign policy against Iran, claiming that her real agenda was to resurrect the military draft. “I’ve got four draft-age children,” he told comedian Russell Brand. “So if you’re playing recklessly, fast, and loose with their lives, then I have a right to despise you.”

This nonsense is an echo of the bloggy fringes of the 2000s-era left. In those years it was the progressive netroots that indulged the dark fantasy that a draft would be reinstated because the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan had overstrained our military. Now it’s people like Tucker who claim to oppose wars because politicians secretly want to conscript young citizens to fight them.

But, even after all that, it’s Tucker’s interview last week with Munther Isaac, a self-described evangelical Christian pastor who lives in Bethlehem, that most alarmed me. 

Why would that alarm you so much, Eli?

Is it because you’re Jewish? Is that the reason? 

After an extended attack on Christians and a defense of Israel, Lake closes with this:

The skepticism that served him well in the Trump years when much of the fourth estate behaved like an opposition political party has led him all the way around the horseshoe. His opposition to the people he hates—liberals and neocons—has turned him into Noam Chomsky in a bow tie.

Tucker was correct when he punctured the relentless speculation and anonymous reporting that led so many journalists to believe President Trump was a Russian agent. He was right when he said the real story was the Democratic Party colluding with the FBI to smear the Trump campaign. But he is wrong when he asserts that Israel and America are no better than their enemies. Once Tucker was too smart to allow his ideological rivals to determine his opinions. Now he proudly apologizes for evil and calls it the truth.

I look forward to his next dispatch, praising the gleaming shopping malls of Tehran.

“Noam Chomsky in a bowtie” is apparently supposed to be an “own,” but if we go back and look at the foreign policies of Chomsky versus those of the neocons, Chomsky comes out looking pretty lovely. This is similar to talking about the “bloggy fringes.” All of this is a convoluted way to claim that “Tucker is not a true conservative” because he won’t endorse the neocon Jew war agenda.

It’s interesting that the chubby Jewess Weiss wouldn’t write this article herself. But she tweeted it.

The Eli Lake article is indicative of the larger attack on Tucker over the last two weeks. There are dozens of these articles, and the Jews are all over Twitter attacking him.

It was only a matter of time until America’s “King of the Jews” Ben Shapiro got involved. Shapiro is too clever by half, so wanted to avoid the optics of attacking Tucker directly over his views on Israel. Instead, he waited for a more strategic point of attack. He found that in the Rogan interview, when Tucker said that he thinks the US nuking Japan was evil.

Shapiro jumped all over this, and has launched a “debate” claiming that Tucker Carlson is saying “there is something deeply wrong with the United States.” This view, apparently, is in contrast to a view that there is nothing deeply wrong with the United States, which seems to me something only an insane person would think. The Jews claim there is something deeply wrong with the United States, and in fact, Jews claim that there is something wrong with all “goyim.” I personally believe there are several things deeply wrong with the United States.

But I assume Shapiro is very keen on collecting data about what “mainstream conservatives” believe, and so apparently, they are against the idea that there is something deeply wrong with the United States. I don’t think anyone really has very strong opinions on nuking Japan. It’s too long ago for anyone to think much about. But that was Shapiro’s line of attack.

Shapiro’s partner at Daily Wire, the disgusting traitor (who should be in prison or worse) Jeremy Boreing came out and claimed that Tucker “hates America.”

This is the new line they’re all using: “this is traditionally a leftist point of view.” He says, “this isn’t actually America First – this is something else.” That’s the Jewish line. He’s a leftist conspiracy theorist who has infiltrated the right-wing with his peace-mongering.

We’ll see how far they get with that. It’s hard to measure.

Jews Never Surrender – They Attack Until You’re Dead

The next move is obviously to figure out a way to get Tucker banned from Twitter, which is presumably possible, because Elon Musk was born without a spine.

It’s very interesting that Mitch McConnell is celebrating that he was able to get his war bill passed because Tucker is not on Fox. Old people who watch Fox News started supporting the Ukraine again when Tucker was removed. This would mean, logically, that if the young people did not have him to watch on Twitter, they would go back to supporting Israel. This means, definitely, that people like Shapiro and Weiss are trying to have him removed from Twitter.

Elon is apparently very close to Ben Shapiro, so I’m sure he’s hearing about how Tucker needs to go. However, Elon is still telling a bunch of retards who don’t know any better that Twitter has freedom of speech. Twitter does not have free speech. In fact, an entire category of people, including me, are banned for having various views that apparently fall outside of the bounds of “freedom of speech.”

When I was on Elon’s new Twitter, I didn’t even talk about the Jews. He said he wasn’t going to ban me, then I was banned randomly, for no reason other than that Jews don’t like me. I had a not insignificant number of followers and interactions, but I am obviously not Tucker Carlson. Banning him would be something very different.

What I think is likely is that Tucker will do some other interview with a Palestinian or someone pro-Palestine, and Bibi Netanyahu will come out and demand Tucker be banned from Twitter. Then there will be some back and forth, and Elon will claim he has no choice but to ban him, because of blah blah blah.

Although I’ve insulted his intelligence in some detail here, Tucker is smart enough to refer people to TuckerCarlson.com rather than his Twitter feed, obviously aware that Elon is not an honest broker. But if he thinks he can keep his website, he needs to look further into my case. He knows something about my case, because he talked about it several times on his show, but he needs to understand that there is no reason they can’t steal his .com website, and consider getting a Russian domain.

With the Jews as mad as they are, and with Tucker showing no signs of backing down, he needs to be prepared for anything.

This is exactly what they do not want: Jews do not want conservatives turning on Israel. Most of the mainstream left (save talk show hosts and politicians) have already turned on Israel. If the mainstream right turns on Israel, this whole charade is going to become a lot more difficult to uphold.

At some point, the policies of the government are going to be so divorced from popular opinion, and so totally destructive, that America will become ungovernable. High level universities are already shutting down because they have no way to deal with students protesting against Israel. The logical move for the Jews is to pivot to Republicans, and claim that America supports Israel because of the Republicans. (This is why I think there is a good chance Donald Trump will “win” the election in November.) But if you end up with right-wingers and left-wingers coming together to say they don’t support the Jewish war machine, it becomes obvious to everyone that this government is illegitimate.

I Want to Say

I had a right to criticize Tucker Carlson for promoting Biden hoaxes. But maybe I was too hard on him.

He’s a very brave man and America is lucky to have him.