Poland: High Court Judge Defects to Belarus, Claims US Planning to Turn Poland Into a War Zone

The Americans get ideas in their heads, abstract concepts, and then preach them as some kind universal law.

Yes, Sunnis do tend to hate Shiites. Yes, Poles do tend to hate Russians. In both cases, there are serious histories that involve a lot of war.

But does that actually mean that there is no limit? That it can just be assumed that Sunnis or Poles will agree to have their countries completely destroyed in the name of this hatred?

Presumably, there are things that the Poles care about more than the hatred of Russia. Probably, most of them are more against gays than they are against Russians, for example. They also probably don’t want to have their entire country destroyed, like the Ukraine, in the name of hatred for Russia.

In actual reality, the Poles surrendered to Russia, knowing that Stalin would take their whole country, because they didn’t want to fight a war that they couldn’t possibly win against the Red Army. So, that sort of disproves the American theory in a pretty extreme way.

Basically every country in history surrendered if it was clear they were going to be annihilated. The only country that didn’t do this is the Ukraine. The Americans apparently think they can do this trick again in Poland.


A high-level Polish judge asked for political asylum in Belarus on Monday, saying he was doing so in “protest against Poland’s unjust and harmful policy” toward Belarus and Russia.

In his resignation letter published on X, Tomasz Szmydt said he was giving up his position as a judge at the Warsaw Administrative Court “with immediate effect.”

Szmydt described his decision as a protest against “activities to push my country to a direct military conflict” with Belarus and Russia, and appealed to the Polish authorities to “normalize” and establish “good neighborly relations” with Minsk and Moscow.

Tomasz Szmydt at the press conference in Belarus

The judge also appeared at a press conference in Minsk, one of Russia’s few allies in its war against Ukraine, praising the regime of President Alexander Lukashenko for running a “blooming country.”

He argued that the authorities in Warsaw, under the influence of the United States and the United Kingdom, are “leading the country to war.”

His flight to Minsk was denounced in Warsaw.

“Whoever is fleeing Poland to Belarus to slander Poland and the NATO community of which we are a part is a scoundrel and traitor,” Stanisław Żaryn, an aide to President Andrzej Duda, told reporters in Warsaw.

Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski said: “It’s shocking information that I’m finding hard to comment on.”

It’s not Szmydt’s first brush with fame.

Polish news website Onet reported in 2019 that Szmydt belonged to an informal group that discussed how to discredit judges who didn’t pledge loyalty to the former nationalist Law and Justice party government.

He later switched sides and went public in 2022 to expose what he said was unethical behavior by pro-government judges.

Poland could flip rapidly.

They are being completely Ukrainized, which is their most pressing problem. There are cities in southern Poland which are now a majority Ukrainian. Hilariously, at least half of these people speak Russian as a first language. Because they are actually Russian people, because the Ukraine is not a real country.

The West has installed Donald Tusk as Prime Minister. This guy is a total product of the EU, and doesn’t really share any common values with Poles. He’s from a minority ethnic group and has a German grandmother. He’s a prime example of the worthless, rootless technocrat that always serves American/Globalist/Jewish interests.

It’s unclear what America’s plan for the Ukraine actually is. The original plan was to crush the Russian economy and force a color revolution, but that has been off the table for two years. The Ukraine has already lost the war. If they keep pushing, Poland will end up under Russian control.

Who knows what this judge knows. Maybe he’s just reading the internet. He was a pretty high ranking official though, and he is saying that the Polish government is working with the Americans to escalate in a way that is going to involve Poland directly in the war.