Judge Refuses to Throw Out Lawsuit Against Burger King for Scamming People with Fake Ads

These bastards are going down, finally.

I know we do nothing but complain about the civil court system being totally rigged and corrupt, but Burger King deserves it.

Burger King is not a king at all – it is the single mother of burgers. Look at this:

It should be called “Burger Single Mother.”

I don’t really eat fast food, but I am an American, and I have to have a burger every once in a while. Absolutely, Burger King is the worst. I don’t even understand how people eat it. Every couple of years, I see their ads that they are flame grilled, and think “oh well, I’ll give it a try” – it’s always garbage. And it’s expensive. It’s more expensive than McDonald’s, and I guarantee you the Quarter Pounder is better than the Whopper.

However, because I don’t eat burgers every day, I’m not that concerned about the price, and will just go to Five Guys, Carl’s Jr. or Wendy’s. In-N-Out is also acceptable.

The Telegraph:

Burger King is being sued by unhappy customers who claim its flagship Whopper burger is too small.

Customers in a proposed US class action have accused Burger King of false advertising, saying pictures of its best-selling fast-food item make it look bigger than it actually is.

The case claims pictures portray the burger with ingredients that “overflow over the bun,” making it appear 35pc larger and containing more than double the meat actually served.

A US judge last week rejected Burger King’s attempt to have the case thrown out of court, paving the way for the arguments to be heard in front of a jury.

The legal fight over the Whopper, Burger King’s flame-grilled burger, is one of a number of cases in the US arguing about the gap between advertising and reality in fast food.

McDonald’s is defending a similar lawsuit in Brooklyn, New York, and Taco Bell was sued last month in the Brooklyn court for selling Crunchwraps and Mexican pizzas that allegedly contain only half as much filling as advertised.

Each lawsuit seeks at least $5m in damages. Plaintiffs argue that the false advertising is so blatant that it amounts to breach of contract.

Of course it’s a breach of contract.

What else would it be? These ads are completely fake.

Imagine if Toyota was showing ads that showed the interior of a Range Rover. That would be illegal.

This is illegal.

It’s obviously insane that there would be $5 million in damages over this. That doesn’t even make any sense. Once again, we see that even when the civil court system is right, it is stupid.

The government should be enforcing its own laws against false advertisements.

They would have to pay millions to the government – they would probably be run out of business, quite frankly – but you wouldn’t have this insane idea that someone suffered a $5 million “injury” from a bad burger.

Of course, that makes equally as much sense as Alex Jones doing a billion dollars’ worth of damage to Sandy Hook families.

These numbers do not even make any sense.

The civil court system is ridiculous in every case, and in many of these cases – such as the case of the fake burger – the government should be charging people criminally.

Instead of doing this, Republicans are telling you we should go fight a war against the Chinese because of a weather balloon.