Just Put Them in Tents.

If the peasants don’t want to wear the masks, then let them live in tents.

This really happened.

In real life.

At a high school in Wenatchee, Washington, they put the kids in individual green tents.

The news article in local outlet Wenatchee World that the images are from doesn’t even mention the fact that they are in tents, other than in the captions of the images. It calls them “individual enclosures.”

They tented those bitches out.

Can you just even begin to imagine it? They were presumably instructed to enter the tent with their mask on, and then not take the mask off until the tent was sealed. Imagine being a part of that, and having it take place with deadly seriousness. You don’t really have to imagine it. We’ve all been through similarly surreal rituals in the last year.

This is the sort of thing that is going on everywhere now.

The entire Western world is Kook Central Station.

Next stop Toon Town.

That’s what I keep thinking about: Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

(Note: The trailer isn’t fair, because if they advertised it for what it actually was, normies wouldn’t watch it.)

It’s actually a brilliant film. Ahead of its time. It takes the exaggerated drama of Humphrey Bogart noir films from the 40s – Maltese Falcon probably most specifically (along with the French films those American noirs were based on) – and lines it up beside Warner Brothers cartoons. It has themes from French philosophers that I don’t really care about, but the core concept – of a ridiculous, fantastical absurdity being treated with utter seriousness, and having serious, real life consequences – is just a generally spot-on commentary on modern existence. A lot of French philosophers just wanted to state obvious things as if they were more complicated than they actually are. (Director Robert Zemeckis is not Jewish, by the way. For anyone keeping score on that front.)

They totally tented these kids.

Tented the shit out of them.

But you know what no one is talking about?