Justice Department Bans “Fake” Social Media Accounts Over Pro-Russian Posts

Remember when it was a secret that the US government was censoring media? And then they got caught and no one really ever explained it?

Well, now they just openly say they do it.

Because of Russians.

The Guardian:

The US Department of Justice said on Tuesday that it disrupted a Russian operation that used fake social media accounts enhanced by artificial intelligence to covertly spread pro-Kremlin messages in the United States and abroad.

The news comes four months before the US presidential election, which security experts widely believe will be the target of both hacking and covert social media influence attempts by foreign adversaries. Senior US officials have said publicly they are monitoring for schemes intended to disrupt the vote.

The justice department secured court approval to seize two domain names and search nearly 1,000 social media accounts allegedly associated with the effort.

The accounts on the social media platform X have since been banned. They commonly posted pro-Kremlin talking points, including videos of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, and criticized the Ukrainian government.

The United States worked with Dutch authorities on the investigation. The campaign was run from a server in the Netherlands, according to investigators.

Remember when they told you Hunter Biden’s laptop was the Russians? That Julian Assange was the Russians?

That Donald Trump was a Russian?

Frankly, it’s not even clear that it would be illegal for Russians to support candidates in US elections.

It’s certainly not illegal for Americans to support Russians.

What is going on with Twitter’s community notes?

But there is no law.

So these people can just do whatever.