Kamala’s Based Jew Stepdaughter Joins Hamas…!

This is a headline from the New York Post:

I didn’t read the article, because there are only so many hours in the day, and plus it’s Sunday and I’m trying to relax. You guys know I’ve been talking about taking Sundays off work, for psychological and religious reasons.

Anyway, I don’t really care what the article says, as I’m not interested in this alleged news story. I am interested in the fact that the argument from right-wing (Murdoch) media is that the real problem with the Democrats is that they don’t love the Jews enough.

That headline implies that Kamala’s Jewish stepdaughter is funding Hamas. That’s not the actual story (I can tell you that without reading it), but that’s what the headline purposefully implies.

The Jew daughter-in-law I’m sure does support Palestine. She’s ultra-trendy.

But women will all betray their own people. I’ve shown the images of women in Israel demanding black immigrants. I can’t find those images right now, because when you type “Israel pro immigration rally” it’s just a bunch of images of Israeli groups in America demanding more immigration. But you can find pro-immigration protests by Israeli women if you take time to search for them.

This doesn’t mean anything, that this trendy tattoo nipple-shirt skank stepdaughter supports Palestine. I’m sure she also does regular “but I also condemn Hamas though” statements. Supporting Palestine is just fashionable right now. It was an accident (or a mistake) by the Jews to allow this to become fashionable, but it is fashionable.

That said: probably the Post is right that the Republicans would do even more for Israel than the Democrats are doing right now. Trump has said that himself. So I guess they have a point?

I just wish everything wasn’t about Jews all the time.

I’m so, so tired of the Jews.