“Kookraine”: State Department Twitter Account Says Russia to Dress Up Like Ukrainians and Invade Transnistria

Putin be like

A top State Department Twitter account has claimed that Russians are planning to dress up like Ukrainians and invade Russian Transnistria to make Ukrainians look bad.

The account, @AnonOpsSE, which has nearly half a million followers, was responding to Russian claims that the Ukraine is planning to invade neighboring Moldova.

There is an area in Moldova, bordering the Ukraine, called Transnistria, which is controlled by Russians. The Kiev Junta has been making various allegations and threats against them for a year now, and it is probably logical if the Ukrainians thought the US was going to pull their funding, they would seek to escalate the war by spreading it into another country.

Basically, the situation on Twitter is that every atrocity the Ukraine commits is unthinkingly blamed on Russia, often without any rational explanation beyond “they are trying to make the Ukrainians look bad.”

However, claiming that Russia would move across hundreds of miles of Kiev-controlled territory, while disguised as Ukrainian soldiers, and then invade a Russian territory in Moldova sounds so totally insane that even I was shocked to read it, especially from such a large account.

It’s actually frightening that there are people in society that are so low information and so low IQ that they think this makes sense.

All that having been said, I would assume that if/when the Ukraine does invade Moldova, these same Twitter accounts will not start calling the Ukrainian soldiers in the invasion videos crisis actors, but will simply say it is good that they invaded Moldova.

In another “how is this even real?” moment this week, NATO finally made their insinuation that the Ukraine war is like a Marvel comics movie explicit by tweeting that Vladimir Putin is Thanos.

Also, Zelensky is like Luke Skywalker, because Russia is like the Death Star, according to the official NATO Twitter account.

When you understand that this is the headspace of the average Ukraine war supporter, it becomes easier to understand how that fat Jew Victoria Nuland can go out there and claim that the Russians are a threat to your small children.

The peasants who are cheering for this war are so stupid, their minds are impenetrable. There is no use even discussing the issue with them.

Our society is rotten to the core. Everything is evil, but everything is also so, so very stupid.