Latvia Officially Legalizes Anal Partnerships

This is what you get for aligning yourself with America.

You deserve this, Latvia.


Maksims Ringo and Janis Locs became the first Latvian same-sex couple to register their partnership on Monday, shortly after midnight when a new law came into force.

After the event at a legal office in Riga’s historic centre, the couple exchanged silver rings at a party in the city’s main library and hope to get gold rings if and when Latvia legalises same-sex marriage, Ringo said.

“We are together for five and a half years … so for us, it’s mostly practical”, said Ringo, noting improved hospital visiting rights for example under the new law.

You can tell the Jews in Latvia are neither numerous nor well organized, or else they would’ve made sure the first couple to get this would’ve been some relatively normal-looking dykes

Homosexuality remains a divisive topic in Latvia, whose legislators in 2005 changed the constitution to define marriage as only allowed between a man and a woman.

The Latvian parliament voted last November to formally legislate same-sex civil unions, after 46 same-sex couples successfully challenged courts to get recognised as a family unit in the eyes of the law.

This allowed partners in such a union to have hospital visiting rights, as well as giving some tax and social security benefits. However they are not be able to adopt children and continue to face inheritance issues.

Latvia’s parliament elected President Edgars Rinkevics as the first openly gay head of state in the European Union in May last year, despite 45% of Latvians telling a 2019 Eurobarometer poll they would be uncomfortable with having a homosexual or bisexual high-ranking official.

You can’t have an alliance with the US and not go anal.

They force the issue.

In some places, this is going to be the deciding issue. Georgia will probably pick the US or Russia based on how many people are willing to tolerate mass analism.