NY National Guard Soldiers Testing Pocket-Sized Surveillance Drones

This is not even the Pentagon doing this.

It’s the New York National Guard.

Are they planning some kind of war against the people of New York?

Why do they want to spy on them?

New York Post:

Soldiers with the New York National Guard are currently testing “pocket-sized” drones that the Army hopes will one day be commonplace across its force.

New York National Guard soldiers became the first unit of its kind to train with the Black Hornet 3 drone, a mini unmanned aircraft that can fly about 24 minutes and requires minimal equipment to operate, according to a report from Task & Purpose.

The tiny drones, which have already deployed with units such as the Army’s legendary 82nd Airborne Division, are small and lightweight enough that a single soldier can carry the drone, controller, and batteries needed to operate the system as part of their standard combat load. Once in the air, the device can transmit live video and HD still images of the surrounding area.

Some active duty units started using the drones in 2019 and Special Forces teams in Afghanistan had them a few years prior to that. The Army hopes that the tiny devices will soon be in the hands of all 7,000 of its squads, the report notes.

This brings up a question we’ve all been asking for a long time: are birds real? Or are birds surveillance drones?

Many people have a lot of questions about birds.