LeBron Stands Up to Jew NBA Boss, Refuses to Endorse Vaccinations

We don’t really like LeBron James. He is definitely not a BASED Black Guy.

But this was a very BASED move.

CBS News:

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James said over the weekend that he plans to keep his decision private over whether he will get a COVID-19 vaccine. The NBA is hoping that vaccinations, becoming more widely available on a state-by-state basis, will help make the remainder of its season safer, but it will not mandate that its players be vaccinated to play out the rest of the 2020-21 NBA season.

“That’s a conversation that my family and I will have. Pretty much keep that to a private thing,” James said. “Obviously I saw [NBA commissioner Adam Silver] had his comments about the vaccination. But things like that, when you decide to do something, that’s a conversation between you and your family and not for everybody. I’ll keep it that way.”

Getting a COVID vaccine is a decision that no active players have yet been forced to make, as Silver confirmed that none have been vaccinated yet, but a number of them have expressed uncertainty about eventually receiving one.

“My hunch is that most players ultimately will choose to get vaccinated,” Silver said Saturday. “They have to make personal decisions at the end of the day — and I take that very seriously, and I take concerns very seriously. But my sense is most [players] will, ultimately, decide it is in their interest to get vaccinated.”

Adam Silver.

Who is going to trust this guy?

Even if you believe in this whole retarded narrative – how could it ever be in anyone’s interest to get vaccinated, unless they’re old or obese? The media isn’t even framing it that way. They’re framing it as a social obligation, and saying they will punish you if you don’t do it.

The only people who actually want the vaccine are the probably 1/3rd of the population who are extremely susceptible to media influence. Those people are the same people who can easily be hypnotized at a hypnotism show at the county fair.

The rest of the people are going along with the vaccine because they think it will make life normal, or they are afraid of being antisocial.

Obviously, LeBron’s “it’s a family matter” is what the PR team came up with when he said there was no way he was taking it or telling other black people to take it.

The black answer is: “Naw. Nuh-uh. Y’all ain’t be stickin’ my black ass with none o’ dat freak ass shit you gots.”

Black people don’t feel the same social pressures white people feel.

Whatever, LeBron sucks, he’s weird and rude, but I have respect that he’s sticking to his guns on the vaccine. You gotta have respect for that.