Lizards are Getting Their Own Ethnostate on a Paradisiacal Tropical Island!

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
September 10, 2019

White people love to make ethnostates for the lizard people everyone but themselves.

Daily Mail:

Critically endangered blue-tailed skink lizards have been transported to their own tiny tropical island in a bid to protect the species from predators.

About 300 of the lizards found a new home in Pulu Balan, which is part of the archipelago making up the Cocos [Keeling] Islands, 2,150 kilometres off Australia’s north-west coast.

Wildlife authorities from Parks Australia had only captured 66 skinks in 2009 but have managed to increase the numbers to 1,500 through a breeding program.

The predators believed to be responsible for the rapid decline of the lizards was the Southeast Asian wolf snake, who targeted Christmas Island where the species lived.

Minister for the Environment Sussan Ley told Daily Mail Australia the skinks would not be extinct without the help of Parks Australia’s staff on Christmas Island.

Now we’ve taken the next stop on the path to survival – a translocation into a wild setting to help safeguard the Christmas Island blue-tailed skink from extinction,’ she said.

We hope to provide a safe refuge for this beautiful species outside of captivity and away from introduced predators like wolf snakes, giant centipedes, rats and cats that decimated the species on Christmas Island,’ he said.

Pulu Balan, the new home of the lizards, is believed to be free from predators.

But why couldn’t these blue-tailed lizards just embrace diversity and die off in silence like white people are doing? Isn’t that what we were told is supposed to happen? Now we have these scientists saying that being a small minority that needs assistance for breeding is a bad thing.

It’s getting confusing.

Are we supposed to flood our countries with diverse-skinned predators and die off or are we supposed to go the blue-tailed skink lizard route and kick everyone off our continent and live in predator-free white people paradise societies?

Maybe our life purpose is to serve lizards and create ethnostates for them. Wouldn’t be the first time we did that.

It’s suspicious, to say the least, how we’re always caring about tiny minorities of ugly lizards while ignoring lots of beautiful animals that are in need of our help.

Why not secure the existence of Beauty?

We’re the only ones caring about saving animals, so why are we caring about the ugliest possible animals from all of the animals that we could possibly care about?

It’s pathological.

We should start protecting and spreading Beauty before Beauty goes extinct.