Lying Jew Blinken Says America Applies Same Standards to Israel as Everyone Else

This has become deranged and moronic.

The US claims that Russia is a “war criminal” for invading its neighbor. Russia has never targeted civilians, they’ve never bombed hospitals, they’ve never used food as a weapon. They’ve never done any of the atrocities that Israel has done.

Furthermore, the US is involved in irrelevant states like Myanmar, claiming they are doing a genocide.

Israel is a special state that is allowed to do whatever it wants, and the Jews claim that this is because of the Holocaust. They say that because Adolf Hitler put their shoes in a big pile, they can kill anyone they want for the rest of eternity. That is the standard position.

Blinken would have been better off to just say “Israel is different because of the Holocaust.” Claiming Israel is treated the same as other countries makes this government look farcical.

The Guardian:

The US secretary of state has rejected the idea that Washington might have a “double standard” when applying US law to allegations of abuses by the Israeli military in Gaza, while suggesting that examinations of such charges are ongoing.

“In general, as we’re looking at human rights and the condition of human rights around the world, we apply the same standard to everyone. That doesn’t change whether the country is an adversary, a competitor, a friend or an ally,” Antony Blinken told a news conference as he announced the department’s annual human rights country reports.

Blinken said that when it came to “violations of international humanitarian law, rights abuses” there were ongoing processes looking at incidents that had been raised. He declined to provide when those processes might produce a definitive assessment.

Israel’s military conduct has come under increasing scrutiny as its forces have killed 34,000 Palestinians in besieged Gaza, according to the enclave’s health authorities, many of them civilians and children. Gaza has been reduced to a wasteland, and extreme food shortages have prompted fears of famine.

It didn’t take long with Russia. As soon as Russia invaded, they said it was a violation of international human rights.

This is despite the fact that Russia was more justified in invading the Ukraine than the Jews were in invading Palestine. The Ukrainians had killed 20,000 Russians in the Donbass, which is more than Hamas killed. Moreover, the killings in the Donbass were unprovoked, whereas Israel has been killing Palestinians for decades on end, which completely justifies the Hamas attack of October 7th.

The biggest point of confusion for me is the fact that the left supports the Ukraine war, while opposing the Gaza war. The only conclusion we can come to is that the left is waking up to the scam that is the US government propaganda machine, and is refusing to do everything they are told.