Massive Anti-Lockdown Protests in Austria Demand Resignation of Globalist Lunatic PM

People all over the world are rallying against these insane, destructive lockdowns, but the media is very simply refusing to report on it, which means that it might as well not be happening at all.

If people knew that their brothers and sisters across Europe and America, and Australia, all felt the same as them, then they would be that much more emboldened. But with the media the way it is now, if you’re in America, you don’t know if there is a protest happening down the street unless you break lockdown rules and look out the window and see it with your own eyes.

Sebastian Kurz is a young homosexual who was elected on a moderate-right platform, claiming he would restrict immigration. He’s turned out to be a massive globalist shill, just as you would expect, and is enforcing the lockdown scam just as hard as any liberal.


Thousands of protesters flooded Austria’s capital amid growing anger over the government’s remaining coronavirus restrictions. The rally resulted in scuffles and several arrests, according to reports.

Austria’s Krone newspaper reported that around 15,000 people attended the Saturday rally. Demonstrators held placards reading “Kurz must go” as they chanted slogans calling for the resignation of Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

Footage from RT’s video agency Ruptly shows protesters pouring into the streets of central Vienna as they waved Austrian flags. Some of the demonstrators assembled in a park where they heard speeches from leaders of Austria’s right-wing Freedom Party, which had called for the rally.

Speaking to the crowd, former interior minister Herbert Kickl accused the government of “dancing on the edge of lunacy,” and described the Covid-19 restrictions as “so weird and mad, [that] no Hollywood director could make it up.”

They are definitely over the edge of lunacy. But they are just weird and mad enough that a Hollywood director (technically a Jewish screenwriter, the director was a goy) did make them up in the form of the film “Contagion.” (I recently wrote about this, for anyone who missed it.)

It’s encouraging that normal people are now starting to use the language that I coined with regards to this lockdown regime. You’ll remember that an entire year ago, I was using words like “lunacy” and “weird” (I don’t speak German, but I’m guessing that “bizarre” is a better translation of what he said, based on the context).

It is an absolute matter of solid and irrefutable fact that the lockdown is both of those things. It is lunacy and weird because it is not for the stated purpose. There is no “coronavirus pandemic,” a fact that is weird enough in its own right. The end result is not about protecting public health, but rather, creating a total social control grid, and enforcing it using a high-tech police state that can only be described as Jonesian in its scope.

Not least of this lunatic, bizarre agenda is the fact that they are apparently planning to use fake vaccines for a fake pandemic to genetically engineer the entire global population, for some purpose we do not actually understand at all, but which cannot possibly be good.

Seriously – I don’t know what they’re doing. It is totally unclear. But they are injecting you all with something that is not a vaccine. What this is, and what you can read in their own literature, is that this “vaccine” is synthetic mRNA. This is a delivery mechanism for genetic modification. I don’t know what else to say – that is what it is.

You can obviously picture a nightmare scenario where these elites are planning to genetically modify the entire global population for the purpose of making them more subservient, and probably of also sterilizing them. I listened to a new age woman talking about it, and she said that your soul resonates with your DNA, and if you change your DNA, your body will no longer be attached to your soul. I’m no longer a big fan of the new age in general, but that is at worst a good metaphor for what appears to be happening.

As many have already pointed out, this fake vaccine has been rushed so fast that it has completely skipped FDA approval. That means that these vaccine companies are not allowed to run ads for the vaccine.

But what do they need ads for, when the media – both left and right – are running 24/7 propaganda for them?

We know, from the Mark Zuckerberg leak, that the elite themselves are uncomfortable with the idea of modifying their own DNA.

Whatever you do, avoid taking this vaccine. It is necessarily and fundamentally more dangerous than “the virus,” which is actually just the flu combined with heart attacks and car crashes.

Forcibly changing our genetic makeup is the most invasive imaginable action. It is worse than any lockdown, worse than any rape. This has to be a red line for everyone who is even a little bit conscious of what is going on in the world.