Media Silence on the Golden Dawn Murders

Thorborne Richardson
Occidental Observer
November 23, 2013

Where is the outrage here, Jews?
Where is the outrage here, Jews?

It need not be pointed out how informative the contrast is between the hostile elite’s actions when a “supporter” (not an official nor even a member) of Golden Dawn killed Pavlos Fyssas, a popular antifa rapper, and the recent murder of two young Golden Dawn members in cold blood by the antifa “Militant Peoples’ Fighting Force.”

First, it is remarkable to compare the absence of details around the incident between the Anti-Fa signer activist and the Golden Dawn supporter.  How did they encounter each other?  What remarks were made?  Who initiated the physical conflict?  We are not given this information—although Golden Dawn claims that it started with a mundane argument over a soccer match and had nothing to do with political ideology. This gives rise to a suspicion that the killing was a pretext for the arrests of the members of Parliament.

Secondly, the deafening silence on the murder of the Golden Dawn members in the Western media. “Ho, hum! Yawn! Nothing worth even noting here!”

It’s the same kind of difference between the disinterest of the “human rights” crowd in the State Department and the UN when the Greek government arrested elected Golden Dawn members of Parliament on blatantly contrived claims that elected officials can be made accountable for a crime committed by a supporter and the hysteria over the fate of Pussy Riot who got a draconian two year jail sentence for expressing their free speech by invading and taking over a church, refusing to leave when the priests ordered them out and then belting out filthy and obscene songs about the Virgin Mary.

Such extraordinary contradictions confirm everything we believe and are also means to opening the eyes of the 20% of the population who can think.