Meme Friday: The Queen is Dead, Long Live the King

The death of the Queen is actually bothering me, significantly. You wouldn’t think that would be the case, but it do be.

It’s not really “sad” if a 96-year-old woman dies. But a tradition of European heritage has died with her. She was Queen of the Empire, and she saw it fall.

I have seen right-wingers attacking her, sounding like the kikes and the niggers.

I disavow anyone who would insult the Queen. That is disgusting, and anyone who does it is no better than these niggers. She was the ultimate symbol of Anglo-Saxon identity, and she had no role in the invasion of the UK by the savages. She was not like, working with the Jews to destroy the country. This was all done by politicians, and she had no ability to stop it. Blaming her for that is absurd and dumb. She would have played the same role she played as the dignified avatar of the British people had the Nazis won and Britain ended up a much better country.

People will say the Queen should have interfered somehow, but she never interfered with anything. The monarchy didn’t condemn Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists during the 1930s, and there was much evidence that the crown was rooting for Hitler.

Queen Elizabeth herself was photographed as a child giving the Roman salute.

She never apologized for that, and despite all of this madness over the last few decades, she never did anything “woke.”

Attacking the Queen is just grimy and disgusting, and anyone doing it should feel dirty.

I wish all the best to King Charles, and pray that he is able to be a good king. I think that this might be the end of the monarchy, but I nonetheless pray for King Charles.

Long live the King.

I mean that sincerely.

But I fear that there is a new king in town. Exactly a week before the Queen died, America’s Fake President, a guy called “Brandon,” declared himself the psycho dictator of the world.

The Queen was a symbol of the old world, a world ruled by white men through empires.

The Brandon entity is a symbol of a world ruled by the Jews.

It’s not all bad. With Brandon declaring himself a dictator, the Queen dying, America losing another war, the rise of Russia and China, and a plethora of monumental happenings unfolding, we are in an age of transition, and it’s ultimately going to be down to the will of the strongest on either side what direction things end up going in the long term.

Anyway, I said memes – I have memes.

Have these memes.