Memetic Monday: How to Find Joy in an Apocalyptic Doom Situation

You know what day it is?

Do you know what that means?

Remember: if you can still laugh, you’re not dead yet.

And life is still magical.

This is my Editor’s Pick of the Week:

And here is the Runner-Up:

Also, this might not be the funniest, but it is the most important truth meme for the normies:

Just facts.

This one is also sort of important for the normie retards still claiming “CCP communist regime autocracy, balloon”:

Wait, this one also:

Oh, and wait – another important informational meme for the morons:

(Important Note: In real life, several of those men would be black, and at least one would be a dog.)

Okay, and this one – I made this one, and I think it is extremely high quality:

Just think about that one for a second.

We have fun, we deliver the facts.

We’re the Meme People, though it is now more standard to call us “People of Meme.”

Here are the rest.