Memetic Monday: It Smells Like Spring Out Here!

Chin up, lad.

The weather is warm and it’s time to be jolly.

Go for a walk, look at the birds, see the dogs running about, maybe say something vulgar to a woman, and smell the freshness of spring.

(I seriously can’t tell if that’s AI or not. We passed the point of being able to easily distinguish AI from reality maybe about a month ago.)

Also, I found this:

Cool to see someone is still holding down the fort over there and defending these pro-Palestine college kids against an army of Jew chatbots saying you should support Israel because the college kids are lefties. Lefty college kids support Palestine, so you have to support Israel. These Jewbots have six million different ways to tell you this.

Here’s my Editor’s Pick of the Week:

And the Runner-Up:

The primo collection is a bit light this week. I sort of blew my load on Wednesday of last week.