Jew Schumer Sends Jews $400 Million FREE Because They Got Emails Saying There was a Bomb

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So these Jews get an email saying there is a bomb. There is no bomb. In response to this “no bomb” situation, they get $400 million in free money from the Americans.

It’s a Jew that gives them the money.

Does this incentivize Jews to send themselves emails saying that there are bombs?

Are we actually supposed to believe that Jews are so moral that they would not send themselves an email for $400 million?

It’s so funny that throughout all of history, Jews were considered the least moral people, and now everyone has to pretend they are so moral that they are physically incapable of lying.

New York Post:

Authorities are investigating a disturbing bomb threat emailed to more than two dozen synagogues and Jewish institutions in the Big Apple — and to temples upstate and on Long Island.

“Hello, if you see this email just have notice of a bomb I have set inside of your building,” the email sent Saturday read, law enforcement sources told The Post.

“This isn’t a threat,” it said. “I have set a bomb in your building, you have a few hours to disarm or else blood will shatter everywhere.”

Sources said the threat came from a group calling itself “Terrorizers111.”

The targets included 14 Manhattan synagogues and Jewish centers, five in Queens and another two in Brooklyn — with two more upstate temples and one on Long Island, the sources said.

A similar threat was emailed to the New York Landmarks Conservancy.

On Sunday, US Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) announced that $400 million in federal assistance would be earmarked to protect houses of worship by funding security guards, cameras and barriers.

How does Chuck Schumer just announce that he’s giving $400 million to other Jews?

I guess it doesn’t matter. He could just introduce a “free money to Jews” bill in the Senate and 80 Senators would vote for it. They doin’t even need to do fake emails.

If there was a bill that said “Jews should be given all of the money in the world at no cost to themselves for no reason,” it would pass Congress.

This is cartoonish.