Memetic Monday or How I Learned to Stop Appreciating the Jews and Love Literal Nazi Scientists

I just like, forgot it was Monday and wrote a bunch of good articles.

On Monday, quite frankly, I do the memes and then sort of, you know, just chill. I put up the news like always, but I don’t try to distract from the Meme spot. And I can relax after a busy Sunday of drinking alone.

I played myself.

I wonder whatever happened to that Jew who tried to do a coup in Russia?

What was his name?

Oh, well.

Here’s the Pick of the Week:

(No – there is actually no rule that says I can’t editor pick my own memes. They just have to be the best of the week, and that one is.)

And the Runner-Up:

And now: pods, non-appreciation, literal Nazi scientists, and the worst coup ever.

(Quite frankly, after the coup, everything before the coup feels a bit stale. That shit was intense, no? Read my long article about it if you missed it. What a day! What a great day it was to be a Putin appreciator!)

After fail coup, I’m still like:

(P.S. – Btw, “literal Nazi scientists” is a hot new post fail coup meme. Matt Walsh, who is a prominent kikesucker and chinless bearded faggot, claimed that the Jews who invented trannies were “literal Nazi scientists.” It’s a really good meme in for a new era in the post fail coup days. Smugler is still good I think – and that story could keep on giving – but in these days post fail coup, it feels like any meme before fail coup is like, ancient hieroglyphics or something. We’re in a bright new era, where ZOG had every single advantage and then lost and then got a total advantage and then blew it like a little baby faggot and now Czar Putin is stronger than ever and the dawn is rising on MOTHER RUSSIA. Also, the one meme that is definitely still good is “the future is bright – Lambright.” I don’t know why that is so non-appreciated.)