Memetic Monday: Stormer Birthday, America Birthday, Total Aryan Victory

This is America. Don’t catch you slippin’.

Holy heck, this is the site’s 9-year anniversary.

I never thought after 9 years of doing the exact same thing every day, every single day – 3287 days – that I would feel so invigorated.

In celebration of 3287 days without missing a day of work, I’m going to take a week off, starting right after I do another degrading meme post.

Gonna spend some time with the boys.

Nah, just joking.

I’ll vacation when I’m dead, nigga.

I always thought I would get a staff together to the point where I could take a weekend off here and there, but that didn’t work out. I’ll tell you this: Steve Jobs was right: the only way to properly run a staff is to abuse them constantly while paying them so much they can’t complain about you abusing them. You can’t really pay someone a few hundred dollars a month and then abuse them as much as a staff needs to be abused if you want them to do what you want them to do. Maybe as an artist you can find someone who really understands your vision and doesn’t need to suffer constant abuse, but frankly, I doubt it.

This website is my life’s work, and it will stand in these tubes for eternity. It’s disgusting I’m celebrating this on some shitty sellout meme faggot post.

Nah, these memes aren’t that bad, and I’m not selling out – I’m banking in.

We also need to celebrate Independence Day – that famous day when President Bill Pullman nuked the aliens with the help of that whiny cuckold nigger.

Nah, just joking. I know July 4th isn’t from that movie.

Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, James Madison – we love these people. They were good people.

We love America. We love what it used to be. It’s our country. It’s not theirs. It’s not a bunch of used car dealers from Southern California.

We’re taking it back.

Don’t you worry about that.

Well, I mean – worry about it for sure, but we’re doing it.

Lots of people are going to die.

And I mean a whole lot.

But we’re doing it because it needs to be done.

That’s life. It’s all about the struggle. It was never about “happiness,” which is a meaningless spook. It was always about suffering.

Embrace it.

And try to have fun, because it’s very short.

Today, I’m going to grill burgers, drink Budweiser, smoke Marlboros, listen to boomer rock (Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bob Seger, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, The Rolling Stones, The Byrds, Jackson Browne, and Fleetwood Mac, for example, probably also Tom Petty, and some Dead when darkness falls and I’m drunk – not CCR, Van Halen, or the Eagles or any of that stuff I hate, or anything too heavy like Led Zeppelin, The Doors or Jefferson Airplane, and definitely no prog – that would be un-American), maybe light a few bottle rockets, and try to forget all of these problems with all of these things for a while.

Here are those memes.

Frankly, I’m not even very ashamed of them.

Never forget:

This is America.