Memetic Monday: Where Should I be Buried?

So, I guess we’re going to start doing this meme thing on Mondays now. Some guy I met at a homeless encampment told me that the alliteration of “Memetic Monday” sounded best, and I trusted him, because it was obvious he’d been through some serious shit.

But what I wanted to focus on today most of all is: where should I buy my burial plot? As you know, I have a brain tumor, and my days are limited, and I want to put my corpse where it will be easiest for you all – my beloved parasocial friends – to come pour out the alcoholic beverages of your choice on my grave (you can also pour Monster or BANG!, because I’m gonna need a lot of that shit as well in the next life).

So I’m trying to think of where it will be easiest, where the most people can access my grave, so I get the most alcohol and energy drinks poured onto it.

Please submit your suggestions in the comments section.

Here’s the Editor’s Pick of the Week:

And the Runner-Up:

Also, I just want to say: I had a good experience finding a meme I made a long time ago posted in one of the places I go to look for memes for this Memetic Monday post.

(I’m not actually sure it was a long time ago I made that meme, but I’m proud of it either way.)

And finally: the Primo Collection.

And the other really important thing is that if you’re pouring energy drinks onto my grave, you need to be playing this on your phone:

If you’re pouring liquor, any song by Steely Dan or The Doobie Brothers will do just fine.

Also, just to be clear: if you’re at my grave to party and pour drinks onto my corpse, I think it’d be alright if you just crashed there that night, especially if you’re in no shape for driving, and if, anyway, you’ve got no place to go.