Memetic Thursday: The Ultimate Thursday Meme Massacre

People are like “Anglin, what happened to Meme Monday? Why do you do it on different days?”

Well, you see my friend: it’s a brilliant marketing strategy. Many people only check the site on Mondays for memes. Then when they’re not there, they come back on Tuesday. And so on. Eventually, they are going to start to read my important information about the Ukraine war and about high school teachers having sex with teen boys.

This is the best way to spread my radical message in support of teen boys getting a piece of fine ass.

It started when I heard the Van Halen song “Hot for Teacher.”

I am currently working with the Aryan super soldier David Lee Roth to create a legal defense fund for teachers who provide hot and often steamy sex to teen boys.

When I was a teen boy, there were several teachers I wanted to have sex with, and didn’t get the chance. The best I can do now is fight back against the agenda of the elite to stop teen boys from getting some of that teacher ass. You see, this isn’t just a meme site: it’s also a political site, where we advocate for teachers and the teen boys they have sex with.

But yeah, we also post memes.

Here’s the Editor’s Pick of the Week:

And the Runner-Up:

Finally, I would like to welcome you to the Primo Collection.