Memetic Monday: Y’all Poked the Bear for Too Long

We’re on a serious winning streak here at the Daily Stormer. We’re celebrating scalps even as we scalp.

The Jews are on blast like they haven’t been since 1945.

Ye brought the goods, he delivered the goods, he punched the clock.

Trump is backing him up, Russians are backing him up, the war is coming and we already won.

These blacks got called out as pussy, now all the blacks are going to dump the Jews and join the war. Kanye is going to lead white supremacists in a reverse Helter Skelter. It’s all happening, it’s all good, it’s fine.

Take a victory lap. Have a drink.

This is my Editor’s Pick of the Week:

That shit is not only funny looking – it’s delicious looking.

Why did no one ever think of an octo-burger? How dumb is the earth that it took this long?

This is the runner-up:

Here are the rest.

Savor it.

We’re just getting started here.

The ten years I’ve been running this website was just pre-game.

Ye blew the whistle and started the game.

The game is on now.