Memetic Monday: You’re on the Highway to Memes

Okay, sorry I’m late.

I got this new Spider-Man game and I was playing the Taskmaster challenges and fell asleep. I’m big into high difficulty, you know, and this is the only thing difficult in this game. Also, there is only one gay flag in this game, and you can quickly mod it out. Otherwise, there is nothing gay and NONE of the characters are race-swapped. But it does have Miles Morales, which makes me sick, but okay – you’re not going to get a good open-world game without something. Actually, you’re not really going to get any good open-world games. The genre is just Ubisoft checklist garbage for retards – except Spider-Man. (I’ve never played any of these games because I’ve never owned a console as an adult because I’m not a nigger.)

The hilarious thing is it’s made by Sony so they made a new Japanese character who is a good guy, and a new gang of villains who are Chinese. In the beginning they introduce one Chinese guy who seems to be like the good Chinese guy who is going to help you fight the Chinese, but five minutes in it’s obvious he’s also a villain. All Chinese people in this game are evil. Nips are so predictable. In fact, the pedophile agenda is also a nip agenda. In some ways, nips are the power behind the Jews.

Taskmaster speed challenges are good though, but they don’t seem to be affected by difficulty level. I only play games on the highest difficulty setting. Except for Gloomhaven, because… well, you’d have to play it to understand.

Anyway, I doubt I’ll finish the game. I’ve already gotten the 2099 costume, and I don’t really have time for this shit. But it’s overall refreshing just because the only gay thing is one gay flag and all my childhood characters are their normal races.


Anyway, it’s okay I’m late, because I did Friday Memes yesterday.

Here’s my editor’s pick of the week:

And the runner-up:

Here are the rest.

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