Mexico: Supreme Court Decriminalizes Abortion

Oh this will be very good for sluts and companies that sell parts of fetuses to bio-research firms.

Not so good for anyone else.

But sluts come first. That’s called “democracy.”

The Guardian:

Mexico’s supreme court has unanimously ruled that state laws prohibiting abortion are unconstitutional and violate women’s rights, in the latest in a series of victories for reproductive rights activists across Latin America.

Wednesday’s ruling came two years after the court ordered the northern state of Coahuila to remove sanctions for abortion from its criminal code, a decision which prompted a tortuous state-by-state process of legal battles. So far 12 of Mexico’s 31 states have decriminalized the procedure.

The court’s decision marked a major victory for the GIRE, a reproductive rights organization based in Mexico City, which brought the test case against the Mexican state as part of a years-long campaign for reform.

Mexican women took to social media on Wednesday to celebrate, posting green heart emojis, in a reference to Latin America’s burgeoning feminist movement.

“It feels like a dream. Like I’m the happiest person alive right now. If you don’t have the ability to give birth, you can’t tell me whether you think it’s right or wrong,” said Andrea Hernández, a feminist activist in Mexico City.

But the ruling will not automatically make decriminalization the law of the land. Mexico’s two congressional chambers will now need to come together to pass an accompanying law, eliminating abortion from the country’s penal code.

This process could be fast, or it could take years, as happened with the court’s ruling to decriminalize marijuana in 2018, which was not officially ratified by congress until 2021, leaving the possession and recreational consumption of the herb in a legal grey area for three years.

“No woman or pregnant person, nor any health worker, will be punished for abortion,” GIRE said in a statement.

Wednesday’s decision is the latest victory for women’s rights activists across Latin America, a region where the Catholic church remains a powerful influence, and where abortion is restricted or banned in many countries.

The court decision also marks an important milestone for Mexican feminists, who continue to protest against the country’s catastrophic rates of femicide, sexual assault and domestic violence.

A quick note about the “femicide” scam – around 90% of all murder victims in Mexico are men.

As you can see, Mexico is also heading towards a utopia