Michigan: University Creates Guide to Trannify Romance Languages

We are going to have to completely create totally new languages in order to save the trannies.

Everything about our society is geared towards maxing out trannies.

We don’t have any choice but to really, really create new languages completely for the purpose of promoting trannies.

Right now, trannies cannot actually exist in Romance languages.

The College Fix:

Professors in the Romance languages department at Michigan State University should ensure they use “inclusive language” and utilize “social justice resources,” according to a guide currently on a school website.

The Department of Romance and Classical Studies lists resources on how to make languages such as French and Spanish “gender neutral” and how to incorporate “non-binary” pronouns into Italian.

A conservative think tank in Michigan called the guide a “waste” of taxpayer dollars in emailed comments to The College Fix.

“The MSU guide is a ham-handed attempt at regulating language from the top-down (no offense to hams),” Jarret Skorup, the Mackinac Center for Public Policy’s vice president for marketing and communications, told The Fix. “The ‘inclusive language’ guides are often nonsensical and hypocritical – Michigan State University has and continues to violate the suggestions and guidelines.”

Portuguese, Romanian and the smaller ones are still safe for now

“This work likely took months and who knows how much money,” he said. “Their hearts are in the right place, but micromanaging language like this is very unlikely to actually work.”

“MSU should have stuck to a much simpler guide, which can be laid out in one sentence: Faculty, students and staff should do their best to be fair, kind and compassionate [in] how they speak to and about others,” Skorup said.

He called it “the latest example of taxpayer-funded waste in higher education.”

The language guide also gives resources on “qu@*ring the Italian Language.” The department also lists information on how to incorporate “Anti-Racism in World Language” and use “inclusive teaching.”

A Spanish language resource explains how to use the correct pronouns for “non-binary” people. “The use of inclusive language has become increasingly popular, which is why we are going to talk to you about non-binary pronouns,” the article states.

“As with everything, there are positions for and against,” according to the article. “But what is undeniable is that it constitutes a way of including all people in something as human and as ours as language, speech.”

These people are so filled with hate, but all they ever do is talk about how nice they are.

It’s so exhausting to read this cult language.

You’d get a better education just staying at home and watching videos on YouTube