Midweek Meme Crisis: Black People are Actually Jew Also

Unlike previous meme collections I’ve posted over the years, these memes are actually high quality.

I’m not trying to spend a lot of time on this because I’ve got other much more important stuff to write, but I do want to note that this is a meme but also a real screenshot:

That is a Jew female, attempting to defend Jews by saying that believing Jews have power is as silly as believing blacks commit more crimes. This is what I always tell you about lies being built on other lies. Well, that is a sort of ridiculous example of that phenomenon, which you’re not going to find very often. I mean, imagine if she had said “the people telling you Jews are powerful are the same ones telling you trannies aren’t real women.”

The rest of these memes – well, you’ll enjoy them good and well.

Say it with me: “I will greatly enjoy these memes I’m about to look at.”

Maybe do it like that Hillary Clinton chant: “I believe these memes will win, I believe these memes will win.”