Missouri: Jews Crack Down on Girl Scout Troop for Raising Money for Palestinian Children



Be careful not to overreach, Jews!

You’ve done this several times before, and it really didn’t work out well for you!

The Guardian:

At the height of cookie season, a time when Girl Scouts across America fundraise by selling their famous Thin Mints, Caramel deLites and shortbread, one troop in Missouri wasn’t in the mood.

Instead, the eight girls of Troop 149 decided to make and sell bracelets, and donate the proceeds to a cause they felt was more urgent than their own: the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund. As the violent siege in Gaza rages on with more than 30,000 killed, many of whom are children, troop leader Nawal Abuhamdeh agreed to the girls’ wishes.

“At every meeting, they would just ask me about making bracelets, so I knew it meant something to them and that they felt so passionate about it,” said Abuhamdeh, whose daughter Mariyah is also in the troop. “They were so excited. They felt, like many of us, helpless just watching from a screen.”

Bracelets filled with antisemitism

But soon after the St Louis-based troop announced their plans, they received a fierce response from their parent chapter, Girl Scouts of eastern Missouri. The message was clear: Girl Scouts did not participate in political and partisan activities.

It’s not political.

It’s about slaughtering children.

If there is a partisan group that supports slaughtering children, they need to be rounded up and put in concentration camps.

“Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri and Girl Scouts of the United States have no other choice than to engage our legal counsel to help remedy this situation and to protect the intellectual property and other rights of the organization,” the organization wrote.

The response was surprising to Abuhamdeh, who recalled other Girl Scout troops organizing to help families in Ukraine after Russia invaded in February 2022. According to the Girl Scouts website, a troop in Westlake, Ohio collected medical supplies and pack first-aid kits to be distributed in Ukraine, and “also exchanged small gifts like friendship bracelets and cookies”.

Their efforts were rewarded with the Girl Scout Bronze Award, one of the organization’s highest recognitions.

Oh, yeah.

You can help the Ukraine.

That’s not political or partisan at all – that is only about stopping an evil maniac from taking over the world.

Putin is on the verge of invading France at any moment.

All good people know that.

One of the terrorists the girl scouts are trying to help