Moscow: FSB Raids Antifa Spawning Ground, Physically Removes Emerging Goon Threat!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 19, 2019

What a huge whitepill! It’s nice to see “anti-extremism” laws used against extremists for once.


Russian Antifa fighters who teamed up for a martial arts championship in Moscow found themselves rounded up by counter-extremism officers right in the midst of the tournament, it has been reported.

The gathering was meant to honor the memory of Ivan Khutorskoy, a legendary Antifa organizer better known under his nickname ‘Bonebreaker’, who was killed by radical right goons ten years ago.

It’s funny how RT still hires lefties – you can see it in the language they use. Words associated with “Bonebreaker” – “legendary, honor.” And the righteous patriots who ended this nibba’s career – “radical right goons.”


However, it took an unexpected turn for the fighters and the fans alike as officers from Russia’s department for countering extremism raided the premises taking people for identification and questioning.

A security source told TASS that up to 25 people were detained. A video published on Twitter by a Telegram channel Baza showed black-clad police officers lining Antifa activists, some of them bare-chested and ready for sparring, next to a wall.

Well, good on them. Based Slav police doing what they should be doing.

Here’s the thing about Russia though.

Antifa was literally physically removed from Russia in the aughts by neo-Nazis who stabbed and shot them all to death. The organization literally had no presence whatsoever in Russia for about a decade. Again, credit where credit is due: this was thanks to the Nazis, who absolutely YEETed on those nibbas.

So this training ground was a new project. A virulent spore that had began to blossom in Moscow. It was nipped in the bud because Russia is gearing up for a very turbulent period in which the West will absolutely try to pull another Maidan in Moscow and, possibly, St. Petersburg.

Here’s how it works:

The CIA finds whatever group is pro-West in the target country.

In Ukraine, it would be the Galician nationalists and the diaspora in Chicago and Canada – people who you could categorize as “right-wing” and looking to make friends with the West. But in Russia, it will be an alliance of nu-nationalists, lolbergs and the typical liberal riff-raff camped out in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Latvia.

  • You get these people out there with students and young people holding good optics rallies.
  • Then you get the police to shoot at these people by mixing in provocateurs who egg the police on.
  • If the police won’t fire, then you just do the shooting yourself with hired guns.
  • Once you have a casus belli, you prop up a puppet leader, bribe key officials in the military/police to not interfere and chase the old government out with your goon squad.

The way to beat this ploy is to have your own supporters show up to fight the CIA shills.

Most governments are too stupid or too afraid of letting an organic patriotic organization emerge. They’d rather keep a lid on nationalist sentiment and deal with crazy pro-Western factions because of how deeply unpopular they are –  which means there is less chance of them forming a viable opposition.

But I am very heartened to see Russia physically removing these Antifa goons before they even got a chance to poke their heads up again.