Moscow Lawyer Claims to be Building “Migrant Village” in Russia for Conservative White Americans

I’ve been saying for years that Russia should do this, and I’m very happy to see the topic being discussed.

Of course, it would be much better if it was Putin discussing it.


Construction of an “American village” for 200 families of conservative immigrants will start in Moscow Region in 2024. That’s according to Moscow-based immigration attorney Timur Beslangurov.

A partner in the Vista law firm, Beslangurov brought up the proposed new settlement at a session of the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum on Thursday.

“Basically, they are Orthodox Christians, Americans and Canadians who, for ideological reasons, want to move to Russia,” he said.

The Moscow regional government has approved the project, but the prospective migrants are funding the settlement themselves, according to Beslangurov. He claimed it will be built in the Serpukhov district, which is south of the capital. 

Tens of thousands of Westerners would like to move to Russia, the attorney claimed, including people with no Russian roots.

The reasons are known, it’s the imposition of radical left-liberal values in the West, which basically have no limits. Today they have 70 genders, tomorrow who knows what,” Beslangurov told the conference. “Many normal people do not understand this, and they want to emigrate. Many choose Russia, but face a huge number of bureaucratic problems related to the imperfection of Russian immigration laws.”

One potential group of immigrants are traditionalist Catholics who are “white Americans with many children,” which the US government considers “domestic terrorists,” Beslangurov said.

I’m glad to see the word “white.”

Even though that isn’t taboo in Russia, it’s always nice to have it spelled out.

I would personally be interested in this, but of course, I wouldn’t ever get involved due to my own personal baggage – in particular, having been falsely accused by the media of being a “neo-Nazi” for 10 years.

I would encourage any of you to look into this. If you live in America, you really don’t have a better option.