Nationalists Encouraged to Attend Soft-Right “Reclaim Australia” Rally in Sydney on April 4th

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 19, 2015

"Reclaim Australia" is a good statement, is it not?
“Reclaim Australia” is a good statement of purpose, is it not?

Reclaim Australia is a rising anti-Moslem movement which amounts to the Australian version of Pegida.  It has been experiencing major successes, and though they are not as hardcore as we’d like, there is certainly nothing negative which can come from showing up to protest the towelheads.

There is a big march scheduled for April 4th, across the country but centered in Sydney.

Their official website has details, as does their Facebook page.

Along with this, a Daily Stormer reader has set up an email account where our people can connect and get involved at

If you’re waiting around for a hardcore Nazi movement to start up before you get out on the streets, you might be waiting a long time. And when it does come, you won’t regret having been involved in other marches leading up to it. Even though RA might not be as hardcore as you like, they do have views you share – who doesn’t want these Moslems out? By attending, you will also get a chance to talk to people and influence their views, as well as connect with the more serious Stormer-type nationalists who are going there.

A lot of good can come from going, no bad can come from going.  Easy choice, in my mind.

So go!