New Amazon Series Shows Black Family Being Terrorized After Moving to White Neighborhood

They’re just creating a new reality that is the opposite of actual reality.

Can you imagine if a white family moved into a black neighborhood?


White people are evil and want to destroy an innocent black family in Amazon Prime’s Them, a new horror series that looks and sounds like a Jordan Peele production but in fact comes from executive producer Lena Waithe.

Set to debut April 9, Them depicts a black family moving into their dream home in the then-all-white Los Angeles suburb of Compton, only to fall victim to their demonic white neighbors who are intent on terrorizing and ultimately destroying them.

This is how it begins. With one family,” says a blonde housewife (Alison Pill) before pouring sugar into the gas tank of their car.

“They came from someplace worse. We’ll have to make this place worse,” she adds.

You’re not gonna make it worse than the blacks will

At a publicity event earlier this year, show creator Little Marvin explained his creative rationale for the series, which already has an order for a second season.

“There’s no more quintessential part of the American dream than the dream of home ownership,” he reportedly said.

“But, as you probably know, that’s been anything but a dream for black folks in this country. In fact, it’s been a nightmare. So, it’s an opportunity to tell an American dream story of home ownership but peel back those floorboards a bit.”

There was a systematic way to keep blacks out of white neighborhoods for decades. There are deeds that still say that the house cannot be sold to “negroes.”

The claim is that all white people hated blacks because they had an aesthetic distaste for the color of their skin.

Does that make sense to you?