New “American Freedom” as an Internationally Distributed Export Good

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 30, 2019

There is a modern problem relating to promoting agendas: if you want people to aggressively promote something, it has to be something that people are willing to fight for.

Historically, America was a Christian nation, and people had families, so you could get them to fight in the name of “God and Country.” That is how people were bullied into fighting the Civil War (on both sides) and World Wars I and II.

Now, however, people are no longer Christian and they do not have families. At least not families they would be willing to fight for.

But you have to get people animated over something. Enter the new definition of “American freedom,” which is related to various forms of sexual degeneracy.

In the modern context, “American Freedom” means:

  • Rap music rave parties
  • Tattoos
  • Drug use
  • Homosexuality
  • Transsexualism (which has become an absolute in for homosexual child molestation)
  • Female slut behavior (hypergamy, multiple partners, polyandry)

All of these things are addictive, and represent a type of cult.

Young people like the rap music rave parties and tattoos, as they smell of sex. That gets them involved in a culture where drug use and deviant sex is promoted. They are then locked into a system.

If you are a drug addict, you have to promote the free flow of drugs. If you are a homosexual, you have to promote the homosexual agenda. If you are a child molester, well, you have to fight even harder, because people will definitely kill you for doing that. And sluts are going to slut it.

This entire cult-culture has been germinated in the US, but it is now being exported to the entire planet as a mechanism to enslave people to the beast system.

There are ongoing “democracy” riots going on in Moscow, and all of the people engaged in these riots are tattooed drug addicts, homosexuals, sluts and other degenerates. They are fighting for their very way of life, in the same way that Christian family men once fought for their lives.

The seed of this BEAST SYSTEM is planted using the bright lights of disco clubs, which do a come hither on horny young people, driven by hormones. And once it is planted, it always grows. You cannot allow the Western party culture without it inevitably devolving into drugs and degeneracy.

Or maybe you could have a slightly degenerate youth culture that people eventually grow out of and become healthy members of society. But it would have to be isolated in a specific part of your cities and NOT celebrated. And you cannot have an “innocent” teenage sex party existing alongside Hollywood movies, the American music industry, the CIA shipping these drugs all around the world, and all of these different language outlets on the internet promoting various weird forms of sex.

This is a virus that grips almost everyone it touches, and turns societies upside down in a matter of a few short years, creating a situation where you have these young people out on the streets demanding a “democratic revolution.”

I’m not sure what is to be done about this, exactly, but the obvious solution would be to promote a wholesome alternative to this degenerate lifestyle, to aggressively advertise the benefits of making that choice and to publicly shame the degenerates.

If I were going to run a psychological warfare operation against the BEAST SYSTEM, I would certainly be focused on promoting Christianity.