New Jersey: Married Female Teacher Caught Having “Steamy” and “Unprotected” Sex with Student

Jessica Sawicki

The sexual genocide of teenage boys by buckwild school teachers continues unabated.

The media is going buckwild as well, using words such as “steamy” and “unprotected.”

New York Post:

A Jersey Shore teacher is in hot water for allegedly having steamy sex with a student in a nature preserve, authorities said.

Jessica Sawicki, 37, of Point Pleasant, an English teacher at Hamilton High School West in Trenton, is accused of sexually assaulting the student at the Assunpink Wildlife Management Area in Upper Freehold Township on multiple occasions this year, Monmouth County prosecutors said.

The wildlife habitat is about a 20-minute drive from the school.

Sawicki and her student were caught in “states of undress” by officers from New Jersey Fish and Wildlife on Sunday, officials said.

Sawicki allegedly admitted to authorities that she and the teen rendezvoused to have “unprotected” sex at least five times since December in the 6,393-acre state-owned wildlife management area, according to an affidavit of probable cause obtained by The Post.

He was in a preserve to protect nature… but he didn’t protect his dong.

(How much of a whore is she? Do white people even get STDs anymore? Seriously, condoms are disgusting.)

The two had sex in the back seat of the teen’s car, according to the document.

The teen was described in the criminal complaint as being “at least 16 but not yet 18.”

The married teacher gushed about her profession on her now-deleted “about the teacher” page: “This is my 7th year working at Hamilton West teaching English . . . I truly enjoy getting to know the students here and helping them become the best versions of themselves while they strive for their futures.”

Yeah, she enjoyed getting to know the students, alright… she was getting to know them real well, if you know my meaning.

She was of course married to what appears to be a normal guy.

How embarrassing.

It could happen to anyone.

In fact, it does happen to everyone. They just maybe don’t know, or, more reasonably, they just ignore it.

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