Watch: Large Black Slaps Old White Female Teacher in North Carolina High School

If it wasn’t for racism, black people wouldn’t act like this.

If there was some other reason than racism, it would have to be something intrinsic to them, racially, and “genetics” are a debunked hoax like ivermectin horse paste.

The only reason they act like this is racism.

Shut up about this “genetics” hoax, or we’ll ban you from everything and sue you.

New York Post:

A North Carolina high school student was charged after he allegedly slapped his teacher multiple times during a viral profanity-laced classroom rant earlier this week.

The rage-filled youngster, identified only as a minor, confronted the educator inside Parkland High School in Winston-Salem, where he violently attacked her, according to video posted to social media.

After the initial impact, the teacher seemed unfazed by the slap as the student continued to run his mouth.

“Do you think that affected me anyway,” the unidentified teacher said, sitting back in her chair, legs crossed.

“Want me to hit you again,” the juvenile asked as he menacingly approached the teacher.

“I don’t want it,” the teacher answered before being hit again, this time from the right side.

The second blow knocks the sitting instructor’s glasses off her face.

The f–k’s wrong with you, what you gonna do, still sit in that chair ’cause you a bitch. Ain’t nobody even coming, you got slapped,” says the student, seemingly singing and dancing.

Bitch go back to teaching.”

Students behind the camera reacted to the slaps with laughter amid the classroom assault.

On Tuesday, a secure custody order was issued for three misdemeanor charges against the student for assault on a government official.

The sad part is, if we recognized that there are genetic differences with the blacks, we could probably design school systems that work a bit better than these current ones.

There are white people at this school, by the way.

You can thank our proud men in uniform for that nice little treat in your kids’ schools.

Those brave soldiers put down the domestic terrorists to protect our sacred democracy.

God bless the troops, who are definitely not “suckers” and “losers,” but very proud and brave heroes.

(Seriously though – fuck the troops. Anyone who signs up for this kike system gets what they deserve. Those men in the photos above were getting paychecks to force niggers on our kids, just like the men in the Ukraine and Israel are getting paid to kill people. Soldiers don’t work for free, actually. It’s a job. They’re not heroes. Loggers die at a higher rate and actually do something useful for Americans. Memorial Day should be replaced with “Fallen Loggers Day.” I’ve been saying this for years.)