New York: Nurse Denounces Gaza Genocide While Accepting Award, Gets Fired, Dragged Out by Cops

Why would they let a Palestinian woman speak at all? It seems to me there would be a lot less drama if they were just like “nah, bitch, we don’t let your kind give speeches anymore.”

They knew what she was going to say, and new stories about her complaining that he speech was canceled would be a lot less damning than letting her speak.

New York Post:

A nurse at a New York hospital won an award for compassion from her employers — and then got fired for using her acceptance speech to accuse Israel of committing “genocide” in Gaza.

Palestinian American labor and delivery nurse Hesen Jabr, 34, delivered the fiery remarks as she was being honored earlier this month by NYU Langone Health for her efforts in caring for mothers grieving lost babies.

It pains me to see the women from my country going through unimaginable losses themselves during the current genocide in Gaza,” she said during her May 7 acceptance speech, according to a video she posted on social media.

Well, that was a while ago.

Why is this just now a news story?

“This award is deeply personal to me for those reasons,” Jabr said in her brief remarks, during which she twice used the word “genocide” to describe the Israeli war.

Jabr says she was “dragged” into a meeting with NYU Langone’s president and vice president of nursing on her first day back to work after the ceremony, on May 22.

She said in an online posting that the meeting was called to “discuss how I ‘put others at risk’ and ‘ruined the ceremony’ and ‘offended people’ because a small part of my speech was a tribute towards the grieving mothers in our country.”

Yeah, you can’t ever offend people. That is one of the core value of a democracy.

Near the end of her shift, however, Jabr was again “dragged” into an office where the hospital’s director of resources, Austin Bender, read her termination letter before she was escorted off the premises by a plainclothes cop, her post said.

Yeah, she’s fired, dragged out by cops, and she’ll never work in this town again.

It has never been more obvious that America is controlled by the Jews.

People are going to have to start saying it, and then people are going to have to start doing something to rectify the situation.

We cannot exist as a country with this tiny minority, this ethnic mafia, running the entire country while claiming that they don’t run it.